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Race to Win ~ Review with DVD giveaway

Race to Win
Starring Danielle Campbell, Luke Perry,
Aiden Flowers, Candice Michele Barley,
Amy Brassette, Thomas Francis Murphy,
and Lance E. Nichols

Awarded the Dove® Foundation Seal of Approval and approved for all ages.

Race to Win is a film that is about family and pulling together in the face of tragedy. The sudden and unexpected death of Gentry Rhodes has left his family in turmoil as they struggle to not only come to terms with his loss from their lives but also the unexpected debt they now find themselves facing.

His daughter Hannah feels that she is the one who must hold the family together and come up with a plan to earn the money they need to save their home and her father's dream. But as is often the case the man holding the debt over them is not willing to give them time to come up with the money (he'd probably make an unreformed Ebeneezer Scrooge proud).

Though dad, played by Luke Perry, dies early on in the movie he makes "visits" to his family offering them encouragement and even sharing a secret with one family member that will keep the viewer wondering what he revealed.

This movie is appropriate for all ages to view without parents cringing at unexpected scenes that their children might see. There are a couple scenes that take place in a bar / pool room. Those who know horses might roll their eyes at a few scenes but if you only have a passing familiarity with them you won't notice.  Overall it is a good film and one you'll be able to enjoy with your children.

I was provided a review copy of this movie by Grace Hill Media with no expectations of a positive review ~ all expressed opinions are my own.

Heart-warming family movie celebrates love 
and the resiliency of the human spirit


Stars Luke Perry & Danielle Campbell

Courage is all you need to win

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