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Dragonkyn ~ Review

By Nathan Smith Jones

For more than 1000 years a secret has lain hidden amongst humanity and the time of its awakening has arrived...

Marc Mondragon is your average twelve-year-old boy who tries to stay out of trouble which isn't easy when the town deputy has it out for the poor kids because they're poor.  But Marc has managed so far to avoid it.

But trouble is coming and it is something no one could have ever prepared for - not Marc nor his mom.  It starts with a dream - one that Marc actually remembers - one with a  fire and a creature he can't quite make out. When he starts displaying some unusual and unexplainable talents Marc knows something is happening to him. The only question is what...

But someone has been waiting for this day to come determined to keep the truth hidden and destroy not only Marc but all who are similarly transforming or have knowledge of it. A battle is coming and Marc is in danger on two fronts. He needs to control his emerging skills fast if he hopes to see tomorrow!

This is a fast-paced story that will appeal to middle-grade readers who are looking for adventure in their reading. Dragonkyn will appeal to those who enjoy the Dragons in Our Midst series from Bryan Davis. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary and growing up has never been quite so difficult!

This book could definitely be the first in the series the way it ends and I for one would be interested in seeing what comes next. The book is only 214 pages in length though the pacing doesn't make it feel this long. Looking for a weekend read - your tweens will thank you for this one!

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectation of a review, positive or otherwise. All expressed opinions are my own.

About the Book:
In his very pores, a new relationship
was FORMING with the gaseous alien
called FIRE that ate and breathed as he did,
and somehow he knew this relationship
would change his life FOREVER.

Marc used to think he was pretty ordinary, but he also used to think ice cream trucks didn’t sell ice cream and dragons were just fairy tales. Now he knows better. With skin that can’t be burned and strange powers he can’t explain, Marc soon discovers the truth: he is part dragon. And as he joins his fellow dragonkyn, his closest friends could quickly become his greatest enemies.