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Aspen Everlasting ~ Review

Aspen Everlasting
By Kathryn Cooper

Aspen Foster is your average teenage girl - at least she was until her car was caught in a flash flood and lives were at stake. Suddenly Aspen and her younger sister Willow feel something different - their adrenaline rush has not subsided. And when their older brother Ash walks in on them trying out their new super-strength they know something unusual is going on.

When the three can't contact their parents they go is search of them and answers. What they discover will change their world and life forever.  They are not human and are in fact hiding from enemies of their family.  But still secrets are being kept and Aspen is determined to discover the truth - even if it means meeting with the enemy.

But how do you deal with your new reality while still trying to live your old life? Aspen, Ash, and Willow are about to find out. But when those loyal to Queen Olivee manage to track them down Aspen discovers that she is a target -  the only question is why.

But more is at stake than anyone could ever imagine and Aspen finds that the only forward is to confront the truth and deal with the lies that are tearing a hidden world apart. But can she find away to thwart the manipulations of an evil queen before she loses everyone she loves?

This is a fun read and from the opening lines one would never suspect one is about to enter a realm that is fantasy. The story is set both within a fairy world and the world as we know it. Making it through High School and Homecoming just took an unexpected turn! This story will appeal to readers of YA and who love a touch of fantasy and adventure in their stories. This is one book I would love if a sequel would be forthcoming as I'd love to know what comes next in the lives as these people.

I was provided a digital review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a positive review - all opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Aspen Foster thinks she’s just a normal sixteen-year-old, but when her car’s caught in a flash flood, Aspen and her sister discover the superhuman strength they never knew they had.
Soon Aspen learns she’s not normal at all. She’s an Evermortal fairy, with powers beyond her wildest dreams. But the more Aspen finds out about her family’s past, the more dangerous her future becomes.
This riveting fantasy is full of action, adventure, and romance. Suspenseful and exhilarating!
Water splashed on all sides then took control of the tires. The car swerved right toward the river. 
“No. NO. NO!” I turned the wheel toward the road. It didn’t work. Fast running water pulled the car into the flooded river.

About the author:
Kathryn Cooper lives in the heart of Texas with her husband and four young boys. She has read and blogged about other authors’ books for years. She is excited to finally have her own book out for readers. Aspen Everlasting is her first novel.