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The Shattered Vigil ~ Review

The Shattered Vigil
The Darkwater Saga #2
By Patrick W. Carr

Their victory over the Darkwater forces during the feast of Bas-solas should have given them a reprieve in their war against the growing darkness. But all too soon the Vigil learns the true cost of their victory - it has provided cover for the enemy's latest attack. And the Vigil is vulnerable to this newest threat that has come against them ~ an enemy that cannot be seen.

Willet Dura has yet to gain the Vigil's trust due to the vault hidden within his mind - a vault that cannot be opened and may be linked to his night within the Darkwater Forest. Yet he, along with the street urchins he has befriended, may be the Vigil's best hope for survival. For survival has just become their greatest priority when yet another member goes missing.

With the darkness tightening its grip, the Vigil is faced with a choice reveal what they know and submit to the church.  Or they scatter to the far reaches of the Northern Continent searching for answers to the questions now confronting them while staying ahead of those hunting them.

Meanwhile Willet is forced to confront his feelings for Gael and her refusal to accept his decision to leave her behind.  And then there is Willet's friendship with Ealdor which was brought into question by the Vigil in The Shock of Night.

If possible this second book in the series is even better than the first and the ending leaves the reader wondering what comes next. The Shattered Vigil is the perfect name for this book as it describes the book in three words. And, yes, you do have to read the first book to fully appreciate this series.

The writing style of Patrick Carr is fantastic as it draws one into the story - one can easily see why he is an award-winning writer.  If you enjoy fantasy that has a spiritual undercurrent get ready to be transported to a world where the lines between darkness and light are becoming harder to discern.

I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher. No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Victory over the dark forces during the feast of Bas-solas should have guaranteed safety for the continent. Instead, Willet and the rest of the Vigil discover they've been outsmarted by those seeking to unleash the evil that inhabits the Darkwater. Jorgen, the member of the Vigil assigned to Frayel, has gone missing, and new attacks have struck at the six kingdoms' ability to defend themselves.

Just when the Vigil thought they had quenched the menace from their enemy in Collum, a new threat emerges: assassins hunting the Vigil, men and women who cannot be seen until it's too late. The orders of the church and the rulers of the kingdoms, fearing the loss of the Vigil's members altogether, have decided to take them into protective custody to safeguard their gift. On Pellin's orders, the Vigil scatters, leaving Willet to be taken prisoner by the church in Bunard.

In the midst of this, Willet learns of the murder of an obscure nobleman's daughter by one of the unseen assassins. Now he must escape his imprisonment and brave the wrath of the church to find the killer in order to turn back this latest threat to the northern continent.