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Mardok and the Seven Exiles ~ Review

Mardok and the Seven Exiles
RoboTales #2
By Jill Williamson 
        and Luke Williamson

Mardok and the Seven Exiles is set on the planet Dabon and Cadet Riv Mardok, a member of the Space Force Military Training Academy, has uncovered a disturbing fact. Unfortunately his evidence has been made unavailable to him. But Mardok isn't one to sit around and do nothing which for him might prove the worst possible thing to do.

Soon Mardok finds himself assigned by General Gruss himself to find the elusive Ice Beast rumored to live in the remote regions of Mount Squarra.  No one has ever returned from such a mission before and Mardok is determined to both stop the Ice Beast and return.

All too soon Mardok finds himself in need of rescue and fortunately for him he is discovered by Robo, a mechanized canine intelligence who proves resourceful in extricating our hero with an ego. Robo leads Mardok to a cabin within the Blackwood Forest where he soon meets the seven exiles from the academy who also discovered disturbing events with ties to the academy and General Gruss.

Can these 8 young men along with Robo stop what could be the end of their worlds and lives as they know it? And who is really behind everything? Once again Robo may give an advantage to whom most needs his special skills.

This is the fun sequel to Tinker and one just can't help rooting for Robo to come out on top in whatever role he plays. And Mardok learns the importance of working together rather than relying on his own strengths.

This book is aimed at the middle grade reader and should keep even a reluctant reader reading with enjoyment. This story though the second in the series is able to be enjoyed without first reading Tinker. The only recurring character is Robo and these are his tales.  From the title one thinks Snow White but don't be fooled this is a tale that will appeal boys who aren't into fairy tales.

I was provided an ARC of the book by the author with no expectation of a review positive or otherwise - all expressed opinions are my own.

About the Book:
Strange things are happening at the Space Force Military Academy. General Gruss believes the Ice Beast is responsible and asks cadet Riv Mardok to hunt down the menace. Mardok, always eager to "protect the helpless," accepts the quest, but when he finds himself trapped, alone in the forest, his bravery isn't enough to save him. Mardok has no choice but to call for help. The question is: will anyone answer?