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Candle Day by Day Bible ~ Review

Candle Day by Day Bible in a Year
By Juliet David 
  Illustrations by Jane Heyes

Children's Bible Stories
for Every Day

This Candle Day by Day Bible is a way for children to read a condensed version of the Bible over a year. This Bible is formatted so that it is like a perpetual flip calendar, but there are no dates on it. The days are numbered 1 to 365 with the change over from Old Testament to New Testament at days 244 / 245.  Each day is illustrated with a corresponding picture - Day 1 is In the beginning has a picture of space with a dark sphere (presumably the earth).  Day 29 is Dove and leaf with a picture of the dove returning to Noah and the ark with a green leaf. Day 251 is A baby is born has a picture of the Nativity scene with Mary and Joseph and the animals surrounding Baby Jesus in the manger. Day 346 is Two sad friends which depicts the road to Emmaus story.

Each story is short and with the easel styled stand the story can be displayed all day so that it can be read by anyone as they pass it. Children will anticipate the flip of the page as they learn about the Bible. This is not a complete Bible as it only touches on the more familiar stories. This is an introduction to the Bible and should viewed as such. This will not take up much space when displayed.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a review positive or otherwise - all opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
The award-winning Candle Day by Day Bible is now available in a spiral-bound desk calendar format. All of a child's favorite stories and illustrations are easily accessible and on view all day long. One story per day.