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Kill Devil ~ Review with Author Q & A

Kill Devil
A Jed Patrick novel #2
By Mike Dellosso

Jed Patrick thought he'd have more time before they found him. He was wrong.  And his family is once again in danger and their safety is being used as leverage against him. Can the information Jed possess about Centralia bring down this evil that has been hiding in the shadows?

With someone willing to do anything to force Jed to do their bidding, will he do whatever they demand to keep Karen and Lilly safe?  With trust at a premium Jed must learn where to place his if he hopes to survive the mission he's been given.

Meanwhile someone has stumbled upon the secret of Centralia and Tiffany Stockton's discovery could place her directly in the cross-hairs. What she has discovered is more distrubing than she ever could have imagined.  And she will have to act fast if she hopes to prevent what Centralia is planning next - a move that would cement their power within the U.S. government .

The psychological manipulation that was evidenced in Centralia is further explored in this book.  Jed has to determine what is real and what has been force fed into his mind. But when what you know has been stripped away and replaced how do you find that which you have lost? Can the faith that has given Lilly strength be the answer that Jed has been seeking?

This is a book that you need to read after first reading Centralia as this book picks up a couple of months after Centralia left off.  The Patrick family is living hidden away in the forested region of Idaho.  The thumb-drive given to Jed by Abernathy and Lawrence is the catalyst that sets everything in motion.

Kill Devil has an ending that could be the conclusion to the series or jump off for yet another story featuring some of these characters as there lives go on after these trying incidents. 

I was provided a copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

Author Q and A:
1. Kill Devil is the sequel to Centralia. How are the two books connected?

First and foremost they are connected by Jed Patrick and his family. Kill Devil picks up where Centralia left off. With the conclusion of Centralia we left Jed and Karen and Lilly headed to Idaho where they would assume new identities and a new life far from any government agency’s reach or knowledge. They would become obscure and live in safety, albeit secluded. But somehow, some way, they are found and in Kill Devil we see the results of that. There is also a continuation of the story behind the Centralia project, a ghost agency buried deep within the labyrinth of Washington politics. Jed is still battling this foe and continues to battle the enemy

within himself as well, his memories and mysterious past.

2. What role does faith play in the lives of some of the main characters—Jed, his wife Karen, daughter Lilly, Tiffany, and Jack?

Faith plays a huge role in all of their lives. In spite of everything they’ve been through, especially Jed with all the brainwashing and torture, their relationship with God has remained the one thing that has gone unchanged. Yes, Jed doubts it at times and had to rediscover it totally, but if there is one ribbon of hope that runs through their lives, it’s faith. Lilly’s faith is the strongest of the three of them, so childlike and unwavering. Jed draws strength from her and in Kill Devil learns that he needs to make her faith his own, he needs to stop channeling strength through her and find his own very real connection with God. Like all of us, their faith development and maturity is a journey with ups and downs and setbacks and growth spurts, but they move forward, learning more, discovering more, and being challenged more and more to simply trust.

3. Things are not always as they seem for Jed in Kill Devil. How is he able to discern what is true versus the lies he receives from people around him or the voices in his head?

At first he can’t. For most of the story and right up until the climax Jed is tortured with thoughts that can’t be his and a reality that seems too bizarre to be real. He isn’t sure what’s real and what’s not. But when everything is on the line he finally cries out to God, he goes back to his base faith, the one thing that has never lied to him, never let him down, never used him for its own purpose. And it’s there, of course, where he finds the truth. And how true is that in our own lives?

4. What is next for you, writing-wise?

I have some ideas for a third Jed Patrick novel and am bouncing them around to see which one fits best. I also have an idea for a stand-alone thriller. Other than that I’ve written a couple short stories featuring Jed Patrick and a bunch of articles and guest posts to promote Kill Devil.

About the Author:

Mike Dellosso is the author of several novels of suspense, an adjunct professor of creative writing and popular conference teacher, a husband, and a father. Born in Baltimore, Mike now resides in southern Pennsylvania with his wife and four daughters.    Visit him at