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A Flying Affair ~ Review

A Flying Affair
By Carla Stewart

Mittie Humphreys has a passion for excitement and exhilaration, unfortunately her mother doesn't think her chosen way of expressing it is proper.  Just wait until she hears about Mittie's newest passion - flying.

It's 1927 and women flying is just starting to be recognized, though many still scoff at the idea of women with their delicate natures and constitutions being able to handle such a machine.  But Mittie has never let the opinion of others dissuade her when she sets her mind to something.  And her father is her secret champion when he doesn't attempt to crush her dreams and even introduces her to Bobby York, a young man who has similar interests - horses and flying.

Bobby may be perfect but Ames Dewberry fascinates Mittie with his daredevil flying and his cavalier ways.  Having first introduced Mittie to the freedom of flight, Ames has a special place in her thoughts.  Could one of these two very different men capture a heart which she thinks uncapturable?

Join Mittie as she joins the earliest ranks of women to take to the skies during the later years of the Roaring Twenties a time of change in all areas of the American life and the role of women.

If you like post WWI historical fiction give this book a spin.  It is interesting to see many of the things we take for granted today not the norm for everyday living in 1927.  Planes, cars, phones, etc are just coming into their own and slowly making a change to life as people knew whether or not they wanted this change to come.

I was provided a copy of this book through TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

Ever since Mittie Humphreys agreed to join dashing barnstorming pilot Ames for a joyride in his airplane, her lifelong love of horses has been surpassed by one thing--a longing for the skies. It seems she's not the only one--with Charles Lindbergh making his victory tour in the Spirit of St. Louis, aviation fever is spreading across the country. Mittie knows flying is the perfect focus for the soaring ambition and taste for adventure within her, and whenever she can slip away from her duties on her family's prosperous Kentucky horse farm, she heads to the airfield. 

Considering their shared passion, it's no surprise that Ames begins to vie for Mittie's time. But when handsome British aviator Bobby York offers her flying lessons, he is equally surprised-and beguiled-by Mittie's grit and talent. Driven to succeed, Mittie will do whatever it takes to compete in the Women's National Air Derby alongside Amelia Earhart. But when Calista "Peach" Gilson, a charming Southern belle, becomes her rival both professionally and in love, Mittie must learn how to navigate her heart's romantic longings as well as the skies.

About the Author:
CARLA STEWART is an award-winning author of six novels. With a passion for times gone by, it is her desire to take readers back to that warm, familiar place in their hearts called "home." Carla's novels from FaithWords include Chasing Lilacs, for which she won the American Christian Fiction Writer's Genesis Award, Broken Wings, Stardust, Sweet Dreams, and her most recent work, The Hatmaker's Heart. Learn more: