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The Heir War ~ Review

The Heir War
The Kinsman Chronicles Part 1.2
By Jill Williamson

Often the second or midway point of a story flounders and seems to drag.  One is on the edge of something but not quite yet there.  

Well, The Heir War does not suffer from this issue.  We had hints of what was to come in Darkness Reigns but in this second part we are taken further into the story.  The Five Realms are teetering on the verge of war, chaos, and utter destruction if the old prophecies are to be believed.  They are after all just old prophecies, but the troubles that are slowly spreading throughout the lands could be the fulfillment of what they have decided to ignore or abandon.

The House of Hadar is under the rule of Echad-Rosar Hadar king of Armania.  Strife rules the court of Armania as the remaining sons are locked in an undeclared war to secure the title of heir.  Eldest son Wilek seems most likely to be named heir until he is sent on a mission for his father - a mission from which he might not return as Farway was in a state of unexplained destruction.  Second son Janek has a cruel streak that would make him a ruler similar in nature to his father.  Third in line is Trevn, a teenager who has a great love for his older brother Wilek.  Trevn also has determined to be a rebel going against what was expected and actually caring for the people around him.

But there is a growing movement to bring in foreign beliefs - beliefs that could further divide the Realms or heal the division that tore them apart so many years ago.  Betrayals, deceptions, and divisions who does one trust when everyone seems to be working against you?  Discovering these truths may be the only thing that can save the Realm.  But someone is determined to do anything to keep the truth hidden in their quest for control, anything even murder.

Currently I have three characters whom I really like Trevn, Zeroah (Wilek's intended bride), and Mielle (Zeroah's honor maiden).  And then I have an interest in the two young men who are Trevn's companions/aids Sir Cadoc Wyser and Hinckdan Fuluk - will thes two stand with Trevn or will they fall to the corruption the court?

I'm eagerly anticipating further chronicle editions and further clues as to the fates of all involved in this series.

I was provided an uncorrected advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
With Prince Wilek searching Armania for a murderer, his brother Prince Trevn is pulled deeper into the politics of who will be Heir as King Echad’s health declines. In his studies with a local priest, Trevn encounters a book that speaks not of the gods he knows, but of one true God. If this book is accurate, have all their sacrifices been in vain?