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Step By Step ~ Review

Step By Step
Crisis Team Book 2
By Candace Calvert

Taylor Cabot is coming up on the three year anniversary of her husband's death.  And she is on schedule to move past her grief.  She's left her old life behind, mostly.  But when tragedy strikes she is reminded of her what she lost.  And when Seth Donovan comes to San Diego to help with training the new crisis team volunteers she has yet another reminder of what she is trying leave behind.

Seth is working through his own losses and feelings of failure when crisis hits San Diego during his visit.  Taylor seems to be doing okay, but Seth is concerned with her avoidance of him and her pulling away from the Crisis Team.

In the midst of her determination to move on with her life Taylor is having to deal with a personal matter that is breaking her heart all over again.  Can one truly move past loss?  And can one put grief on a schedule?

Sometimes we need to face the past and its secrets before we can truly move on.  Changes in life aren't things we can put on a schedule we approve of.  Death doesn't play by our rules and doesn't seek our permission both it comes into our lives.  Dealing with our loss can often define the rest of our life if we allow it to.  How we deal with death is as important as how we deal with death.

Seth and Taylor both have to deal with their losses and together they may discover what they need to move on.  This is an enjoyable book, though you may want to have a box of tissues nearby.  Fans of Candace Calvert's previous books will not be disappointed.

I was provided an advanced uncorrected copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
Three years after a tragic accident left her a widow, ER nurse Taylor Cabot is determined to move on, checking off one item after another on her survival list. Her relationship with a handsome plastic surgeon even gives her hope for the last point—“fall in love again.” At least until crisis chaplain Seth Donovan steps back into her life, reawakening unanswered questions about her husband’s death.

While in San Diego to train community volunteers, Seth hopes to learn why Taylor is backing away from the crisis team and from their friendship. But nothing prepares him for the feelings that arise when he sees Taylor again - and sees her moving on with another man.

When a community crisis hits home and puts lives at risk, emotions run high and buried truths are unearthed. Will hope make the survival list?