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The Prince Who Was Just Himself ~ Review

The Prince Who Was Just Himself
By Silke Schnee
Illustrations by Heike Sistig

The third prince was a little different than his two older brothers.  He wasn't as quick as they were and he seldom spoke.  But he had a caring and loving heart.  This caring would one day save the kingdom he called home.  Because of his caring he was able to touch the heart of the kingdom's greatest threat - Scarface.

A simple act of compassion can touch even the hardest heart.  And sometimes the least likely person becomes a hero because he fights with his heart rather than a weapon.

The Prince Who Was Just Himself is a story that was inspired by the author's own son Noah, who, like Prince Noah, was born with Down syndrome.  The greatest lesson to take away from this story is that by being one's self - one person can change the world around them without making an effort to be someone they aren't.

There is also information about Down syndrome found at the back of the book that a parent or teacher can use to answer any questions that might arise after reading this story.

I was provided a copy of this book by Handlebar in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book


The royal couple is looking forward to their third child. "He looks a little different," muses the king at Prince Noah's arrival. "He is not like the others," agrees the queen. Soon they notice what a very special person he is, even though he can't do everything his brothers can. 

When the youngest prince disarms the cruel knight Scarface, the nation's most dreaded enemy, with an act of compassion, everyone finally realizes how good it is that each person is unique. 

This delightfully illustrated fairy tale for children three years and older instills appreciation for children with Down syndrome and other developmental challenges, making it a valuable aid for teaching tolerance in the home or classroom. 

The author is Silke Schnee, who is a journalist and the mother of a child with Down syndrome. This book has wonderful insights into the joy children with disabilities can bring those around them. 

What Others Are Saying 

"A gentle fairy tale about a young prince with Down syndrome who saves his kingdom from a menacing knight.... [It] offers a special needs child in a positive, starring role and can be read simply as a satisfying fairy tale....The author, herself the mother of a child with Down syndrome, and the illustrator ably introduce a difficult subject in a fictional context with a light, sure touch." --Kirkus Reviews