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The Christmas Cake ~ Review

The Christmas Cake 
The Holiday Collection Book 2
by Joyce Swann 

The Christmas Cake is a moving story.  And there is a lot of story in the 43 pages.  Michelle has been making a special cake for Christmas for the past 10 years.  But this is an unremarkable looking cake.  It's not the kind that win awards, at least not until you take a bite of it.

This year the Christmas Cake allows Michelle and her mother to connect in a meaningful way.  And for some reason Michelle feels the need to share an important truth about this cake with her mother.  Because of the Christmas Cake Michelle finds peace, peace that she has sought for years.

And as an added treat the recipe for Christmas Cake is included at the end of this book!

And you can get it free through Amazon (Kindle) until December 1, 2014.