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Radically Normal ~ Review

Radically Normal
By Josh Kelley
You don't have to live crazy to follow Jesus...

Do you ever feel that you're just not good enough to call yourself a Christian?  Do you feel guilty when you attend church services because you aren't out on the mission field taking the Gospel to other countries?  Did you grow-up with the understanding that only those who were out actively preaching and pointing out the sins of others the only true believers?

Well, this isn't the message Jesus taught.  Jesus reached out to the sinner, but He didn't do it from a position of power.  He didn't try to draw attention to Himself - He even asked those He healed to speak not of this.

Living life with a 9 - 5 job is not a sin in God's eyes.  You can find joy in this life living the life God gave you.  How you live a normal life can be a witness to those around you.  You can get rid of the guilt and live with a hope to your future new life.

I really enjoyed reading chapter 17 This Life Matters we are the temple of the Holy Spirit (God) and how we treat our bodies can be a sign of how we honor God.  And our care for others, Christians or non-Christians, is an outward reflection of God's care for the least of these and our love for Him.

Normal is good and not something to be ashamed of, so be Radical by being you!

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher though BookFun/TBCN in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

What if being a radical Christian didn’t have to mean selling everything and becoming a missionary to India? What if it could mean settling down and enjoying your normal, God-given life in extraordinary ways? It’s time to reexamine the Bible, put an end to the guilt, and get on with living the abundant life Jesus promised. Radically Normal: You Don't Have to Live Crazy to Follow Jesus is an invitation to do just that. Along the way it takes a new look at several old challenges:
How to be a good Christian (and witness) with out being weird
How to find greatness in your everyday life
Why spiritual stuff isn’t innately better or holier than earthly stuff.
How holiness leads to happiness and obedience is meant to increase joy.
Why selling all your possessions is not necessarily holier than keeping them.
How enjoying this life is meant to increase your desire for the next.

Read an excerpt.

About the Author:

Hi, my name is Josh. I grew up in western Washington in a loving Christian home. In 1999, I graduated from LIFE Pacific College in San Dimas, CA, with a BA in Biblical Studies and a minor in Biblical Languages. Later I did graduate work in Biblical Studies at Trinity Western University in Langley, Canada and was also an adjunct professor at Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, Canada for one year. Marilyn and I met at college and got married in 1999. We have two daughters who are the joy of our life. Aside from my family and my God, my two greatest joys are reading a good book and enjoying the all the glories of this world God has made - from sunsets to good food and drink with friends.

Since 2007, I've been the the pastor of The Gathering Christian Church. Prior to that, I was an assistant pastor at His Place Community Church and continue to serve as their “Bible expert.” I'm also on the President of the Board of Directors for our local homeless shelter, The Friendship House.