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CSFF August Blog Tour ~ Merlin's Nigtmare Day 2

~ Welcome to Day 2 of the CSFF August Blog Tour ~

This month's featured book is Merlin's Nightmare
which is the concluding book in The Merlin Spiral series

In Merlin's Blade Merlin vowed his fealty to Uther High King of Briton and to his son and heir Arthur.

And in Merlin's Nightmare Merlin's vow is tested.  He has vowed to serve Arthur as king, and yet he is torn.  Does he reveal to Arthur his long hidden identity?  Or does he keep this knowledge secret and allow Arthur to continue to see him as his father?

Merlin knows that Arthur's destined to fight for his throne and yet he wants to keep him safe - hidden from those who think him long dead.

Fealty what is it?

An oath of fealty, from the Latin fidelitas (faithfulness), is a pledge of allegiance of one person to another. From Wikipedia

Fealty is sworn by subjects before their king in Merlin's Blade. Yet we take such a vow before our Heavenly King. But what does such a vow mean?

Do we, like Merlin, vow to serve our King and His Son? Or are we making a vow that is only half-hearted. We don't really mean it and don't want to offer the King too much out of fear that He will demand more than we are willing to give?

Have we made a vow to serve our own interests?  Placing our wants and desires above everyone and everything?

To whom do you pledge your life? Has your heart made an oath of fealty? Have you pledged to the Deceiver, to self, or to the King? The choice is yours. Choose wisely, your eternal soul depends on it!

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in conjunction with this CSFF blog tour in exchange for my participation and my honest review.

Click to learn more about Robert Treskillard or purchase Merlin's BladeMerlin's Shadow, or Merlin's Nightmare.

Be sure to come back for Day 3 of Merlin's Nightmare and be sure to visit the other tour participants who will be sharing their thoughts throughout this 3 day tour (August 25-27, 2014)