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The Rebel Princess ~ Blog Tour

The Rebel Princess
By Janice Sperry

This damsel is NOT in distress!

Raven Perilous is the Rebel Princess.  No she's not trying to over-throw any sitting royalty.  She simply doesn't want to be a typical fairy-tale princess just waiting for Prince Charming to rescue her.  And kissing a prince much less any boy is just plain icky!

Raven has your typical problems - a mother who speaks gems and jewelry (literally), a father who is a wizard, a house that's moody, a twin brother who takes after their dad.  And Raven has this habit of being a little bit mean and nasty when she talks to others and this has an unexpected disgusting side-effect (thanks to a fairy godmother).

But life is good until a prince shows up one day.  One disaster after another ensues and the only way to lift the curse/spell is for the "prince" and Raven to work together.  But is that even possible?

This is a fun mishmash of fairy-tales run amok as Raven tries to stay out distress and the prince tries to find true-love.  But they are trapped in a land of enchantment and fairy tales, so the fun is just beginning.

This is a delightful and funny twist on your favorite fairy tales.  And the twists and turns that ensue as Raven tries to return home will give you a great lift and several laughs.

This is one Rebel Princess you will love from page one.  Raven may not be the perfect princess but she's one your preteens and tweens will relate to.

I was provided a digital copy of this book is exchange for my honest review and blog tour participation.
Teaser #1
“Welcome to our class, young man. What is your name?”
“Eric Charming.”
Every girl sighed, except for me. Charming? You’ve got to be kidding. A boy with the name of Charming only meant one thing—my fairy-tale roots had caught up to me.
My nemesis had arrived.  
Teaser #2
When the fog cleared, Prince Charming was gone, and in his place sat a white rat.
“I take it back,” I said. “I would rather not kiss a rat. Ew.”
More excerpts can be found at Cedar Fort:

About the book:
Meet the upside-down fairy-tale princess! Raven Perilous is not nice because nice princesses get locked in towers. When Prince Charming shows up, Raven—who is not in distress—decides to show him who’s boss. This enchanting adventure, filled with magic forests and mystical creatures, will captivate fans of fairy tales everywhere!
About the author:
Janice Sperry lives in Utah with her husband and three children and evil cat.  She enjoys volunteering at the local elementary school and is exceptionally good at finding missing shoes, unless they are her own. You can follow her blog here.