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Doppleganger Chronicles: The Great Mogul Diamond ~ Review

The Great Mogul Diamond
By G.P. Taylor

Sadie, Saskia, and Erik are back with yet another adventure. The trio has just overheard a one-sided phone conversation and Muzz Elliott is being threatened. But when the trio enters the Muzz Elliott hides a letter within the Times and says she wishes to speak privately with Dorcas Potts when she comes to pick-up Erik.

While Dorcas and Muzz talk Sadie, Saskie and Erik slip back into the library and find the letter. Muzz Elliott is being blackmailed!

After Erik and Dorcas leave Muzz Elliott tells the girls that they are going to France on a vacation. The twins call Erik from the train station but the call gets cut off. But little do Sadie and Saskia realize that someone is listening in on their call and that someone follows them onboard the train and all the way to the Rothchild Express in France!

As Saskia gets ready to board the Express, the stranger - Max Taranis calls out to her by name and seems to know a lot about her. Then strange things begin to happen onboard the Express. Someone seems to be acting out Muzz Elliott's book MURDER TRAIN, using it to plot crimes on the Express and frame Muzz. Max Taranis then reveals that he is a detective with Scotland Yard. Who is behind this?

Meanwhile Dorcas and Erik are racing to get to Cannes in time to meet Muzz Elliott, Sadie and Saskia. But there is someone trying to stop them and they drive into a trap and taken to a Chateau where they are going to be killed! While they are separated Erik finally sees Madame Raphael. Then as they are about to be killed one of their captors Foojack helps them to escape.

Then Sadie, Saskia, and Muzz are drugged with their cocoa and someone kidnaps Sadie. Can they find Sadie or will Muzz Elliott be forced to steal the Mogul Diamond?

When everyone meets up in Cannes they work on a plan to save Sadie and keep Muzz from being framed for the crimes. But then Dorcas Potts is captured. As everything comes to a head the kidnapper and blackmailer turns out be Muzz Elliott's twin sister Cicely Windylove. Can they stop this evil twin or will they all be lost?

Erik meets the Companion that Madame Raphael is always speaking of, He tells Erik that his father did not abandon him all those years ago, but he in fact died that night and had been with the Companion ever since.

I love all the twists and turns that Dopple twins go through in the their adventures and I won't spoil the ending for readers, but I think a fourth book could be in their future!