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Casting the Net ~ Review

Casting the Net
The Dunbridge Chronicles #2
By Pam Rhodes

Sometimes life throws you some real curves and Neil Fisher has some real doozies to deal with in Casting the Net.  First off he has two women vying for a placing in his heart - Wendy and Claire. (In my opinion Wendy is the type person I'd want to run from even if she's a pillar in the church's musical worship group).  In like Claire in that she's not so pushy, but Neil is the one who has to make a decision and someone is sure to be hurt, even if it is him.

But all Neil's problems aren't related to matters of the heart.  He has members who are the financial backbone of the church who aren't happy with the modern trends in the worship service.  Try as he might Neil seeks a balance that will make everyone happy at least part of the time while not alienating everyone in the process and if possible to bring in new members (or visitors who keep coming back). 

And then there is life in general that Neil and the congregation of St. Stephen's have to deal with.  There are the joys of birth and the utter heartache and despair of death.  There are marriages and there is the loss of health.  Through it all Neil offers support and caring even as some have their faith and beliefs shaken to the core.

Casting the Net is an apt title as this is what Neil is doing - he is casting his net and being a fisher of men and women.  Though there are a few bumps along the way that snag his net.

Want to make some new friends?  Take a trip to Dunbridge where life is never boring.  You'll have times of laughter and times of tears, but you'll enjoy your trip and want to come back again.  

Though Casting the Net is set in a totally different time something about it reminds me of the Cranford PBS series based on Elisabeth Gaskell's works.  I think it has something to do with the daily interactions between the various characters and their care for one another.

Grad a cup of your favorite tea and settle in for a visit in Dunbridge...

I was provided a copy of this book by Kregel Blog Tours in exchange for my honest review.

About the book: 
In part two of the Dunbridge Chronicles, Neil Fisher returns from ordination inspired by his sense of ministry, but determined to distance himself from the two ladies in his life. This is not altogether well received, and a wide segment of the congregation of St Stephen's, Dunbridge--including the music group--points Neil to the error of his ways.

Meanwhile Neil's close friend Colin and his wife Jeannie are delighted by the birth of a daughter, but is all well with the baby? Neil's mother Iris continues to meddle, to his irritation. Churchwarden Peter has said a relieved farewell to his flighty wife Glenda--or has he? Dunbridge is not as peaceful as it seems.

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