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April CSFF Tour ~ Numb Day 3

By John Otte

If you LOVE sci-fi you will LOVE Numb.  This book really has it all - technology that is a conceivable possibility.  Humanity has gone beyond the confines of our own Solar System.

And we've taken our dogmas with us.  We've perverted the Truth to suit our purposes or we've abandoned belief.  Except for a hidden few.

I think I'd sum up Numb as the Middle Ages meets Jason Bourne crossed with Star Wars.  I'd put this up there with my all time favorite book/s Chris Walley's Lamb Among the Stars and would love to read more books following these various characters.

This is a book that you can get caught up in and when you've put it down it makes one think.  How far would we go to have power?  Would we sacrifice the individual for our own climb for power and dominion?  Or on the reverse what would we do to stop the total destruction of individuals.  Would we willingly sacrifice our own humanity and the lives of those around us simply on the promise of the chance to take another breath?

Numb will leave you feeling anything but numb.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Marcher Lord Press in exchange for my honest review and in conjunction with the April CSFF blog tour.

Save the girl...or his soul?

Crusader is numb. He feels neither emotion nor pain, a divine gift that allows him to be the Ministrix's best assassin. Whether it's heretics from within or heathen from without, Crusader is the sword in the True Church's hand. And if he remains obedient to his superiors, he will be able to let go of his guilt.

But then he's ordered to kill Isolda Westin. It shouldn't be a problem. A target is a target. When Crusader sees Isolda's image, though, something strange happens. He experiences a moment of panic, a wave of emotions, the first he's felt in as long as he can remember.

In that moment, he realizes he can't fulfill his mission. He can't kill Isolda Westin, even if it means he'll be condemned as an enemy of the Ministrix.

Soon Crusader and Isolda are on the run. Will they be able to learn why the Ministrix wants Isolda dead? Or will they both face the harsh justice of the "True Church"?

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April 21 - 23, 2014