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Rich in Years ~ Review

Rich in Years
By Johann Christoph Arnold

Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life

Often we suffer under the delusion that age will imprison us, causing us to be forgotten just as we forget.  But life doesn't need to lose its purpose just because we age.

Life and its length are a blessing from God.  And if you doubt this look to the Bible - the child of promise was given to a couple hitting the century mark.  But they weren't alone in being up there in age and yet fulfilling God's promises.

We need to remember that the seen is temporary and unseen is eternal, yet we seek to stay time holding onto a youth that cannot be recaptured.  Our culture tells us to push back the clock, to deny that we are aging.  But aging is a blessing in that we gain wisdom and knowledge that we can share with the younger generations.

The biggest reason aging is feared is because aging is associated with death.  We fear losing those around us and fear giving up this life.  But we need to realize that there is something more and death is our doorway into another world and it leads us into the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus!

Aging is a preparatory step to make us willing to leave this life stage for the next - next stop Eternity.  When God calls us to step through the doorway that He is holding open for us we are willing and ready to be made anew.

Rich in Years is a book that will open your eyes to the untruths we have been lead to believe about aging and life in general.  This is one book you will want to share!

I was provided a copy of this book through Handlebar Central by the publisher The Plough in exchange for my honest review and my participation in this blog tour event.

 Why shouldn 't growing older be rewarding? 

Johann Christoph Arnold, whose books have helped over a million readers through life's challenges, wants us to rediscover the spiritual riches that age has to offer. Now in his seventies, Arnold finds himself personally facing the trials that come with aging. But he knows, from decades of pastoral experience, what older people and their caregivers can do to make the most of the journey. In this book, he shares stories of people who, in growing older, have found both peace and purpose. 

Unassuming yet outstanding, this is the best book I know on the godly ripeness that aging can bring in a Christian's life. Elderly folk will find the warmth that it radiates wonderfully invigorating. --J.I. Packer, professor of theology, Regent College 

On these pages are wonderful words of hope. Savor them. As I sing in a recent song, What we do now, you and me, will affect eternity - God's counting on me, God's counting on you. --Pete Seeger, musician. 

The Author: Johann Christoph Arnold is a writer known for making crucial spiritual issues accessible to both religious and non-religious readers.  A pastor with an uncommon wealth of experiences and personal insights.  He has counseled thousands of individuals over the last forty years, including married couples, children, and teens; addicts, prison inmates, and law enforcement officers; educators, students, and the terminally ill.