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Dark Pool: In the President's Service ~ Review

Dark Pool
In the President's Service ~ Episode 2
By Ace Collins

Dark Pool picks up where A Date with Death left us.  Reece and Allison have been abducted and Helen Meeker is in a countdown to save her sister and partner.  But can she get the information she needs from British Army hero Reggie Fister or will he taunt her until it is too late?

But someone is determined to carry out their mission and Reggie Fister is an important part of completing it.  And they are willing to do anything to get their man back.

Dark Pool is a fast paced and exciting story you won't want to put down.  Who does Helen choose to go after - her sister or her partner?  Who will she save?  This episode is as exciting as Episode 1 and it will leave you in anticipation of Episode 3.  Cliff-hanger that will leave you gasping!

I was provided a copy of this digital book through in exchange for my honest and fair review.

About the Book:
Helen Meeker is up against impossible odds as she races against time to rescue both her sister and her partner. To further complicate matters, however, behind-the-scenes experiments threaten the very survival of Western civilization.
From the halls of the White House to the hidden laboratory of a diabolical scientist to the foreign fields of battle, a pervading evil moves ever closer to the successful overthrow of all that is good. Will Helen Meeker be able to stem the tide…or will she be swept away in its dark undercurrent?