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His Wounded Heart ~ Review

His Wounded Heart
By R.L. Syme

Sean Raleigh has given up and he's tired of the endless stream of nurses hired to aid him in his recovery - a recovery his doctor told him would never happen.  And everyone and anyone within range of Sean is going to get the full range of his bitterness and pain.  His plan works great until his best friend/roommate Carter Grant has a friend come to the area for a promised tour.

Jaclyn Dalton is unlike any other Christian he has ever meet.  She doesn't look down on his disability with pity or avoidance and she seems to genuinely care about him as a person.  But how could she or is she trying become his new physical therapist planted by his best friend and his father?

Jaclyn has her own wounds - her heart was broken by a man who cares only for his own pleasure and he doesn't care whom he hurts and destroys along the way.  Until she can deal with her own damaged heart she cannot open her heart to what she and Sean could have.

His Wounded Heart is told from both Sean and Jaclyn's points of view and it is a story of the power of true Christian love in changing a heart.  This is a book that is a quick read - I did it in one afternoon and found it an enjoyable afternoon escape as we are gripped in the arctic tundra that is making its presence known.  -15* is definitely an afternoon for reading and this book hit the spot.

I was provided a copy of this book by TBCN/BookFun and Pelican Book Group in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
Sean Raleigh has fired every nurse and physical therapist within firing radius. He wants to be left alone in his invalid despair. But when his best friend hires the beautiful Jaclyn Dalton, Sean’s curiosity about her selflessness and unwavering faith keeps him from sending her away.

Jaclyn needs this job to stay in Montana, but Sean's icy heart and raging bitterness threaten to drive her away. He believes his immobility is a punishment from some controlling but distant deity, yet she sees him crying out for a compassionate God he doesn't believe in. Jaclyn wants to help Sean recognize the grace that can be his, even if she has to leave him to do it, which draws her into a surprising level of emotional vulnerability—a vulnerability that will be the key to healing Sean’s wounded heart.