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A Sixties Book ~ Book Blast with Giveaway

Title: A Sixties Book
Genre: General Fiction
Author: Damon Galeassi
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 198
Language: English
ISBN – 978-0-59522-378-7

SPIDERWORT: noun, Tradescantia. The people’s radiation monitor; fifty times
more sensitive than a dosimeter.

Chuckle with nostalgia and outrage as you relive the Sixties. From Woodstock
to Three Mile Island, this book is fast becoming a ├žult classic’. During the
construction phase of Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant, an angry Viet Nam veteran and a stoned hippie are paired together in the workforce, and a jack Amish man weighs the potential benefits of technology against his love for the land. The fury of hurricane Agnes, charged by an added dose of surrealism, LSD style, becomes a catalyst to expose the bigger-than-life nemesis of the nuclear peril.

This is a horror novel. The monster is frighteningly real. The zero tolerance necessary to achieve nuclear power combined with man’s unlimited capacity for error make for a reading thrill that will captivate all.

“Bravo! A Book that should have been written.” — C.R.O.W. Magazine

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After graduation from Penn State University with an engineering degree in 1970,
Mr. Galeassi soon found himself working in the Quality Control Department at
Three Mile Island. Then along came hurricane Agnes which devastated central
Pennsylvania, among other places. The magnitude of possible catastrophe from
this conflict of man versus nature turned the author against the idea of nuclear
power as a safe energy source. It lead to the writing of this, his first, novel. It
seems hurricanes continue to play a role in Mr. Galeassis life, as he later helped
rebuild Miami in the aftermath of hurricane Andrew. He currently lives in Virginia
with his wife, Nadia. A second novel and a collection of short stories are soon to
be released.

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