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Quest and Honor ~ Review

Quest and Honor
Flin's Destiny #4
by Erik Olsen

Save the World -
or Save Himself

When we left Flin in Raggleroot he was out of phase with the rest of time - a direct result of Parcell's theft of the Time Continuum Glass.  Time is slowing down and unless he can restore the Glass to its rightful place the world will soon end!

What follows is another exciting and dangerous adventure deep within the earth.  Encounters with Trolls and dark forces add to the excitement.  War is coming and Flin may very well be the only one to stop it...

In addition to saving the world Flin must save a unique and dying race - the Loft Laggenders, battle Blade, save the Cathedral, and help the Leprechauns return to Clover Cavern.  No small task for anyone, but he isn't just anyone Flin is the great-great-great-grandson of Hovgard and he has a destiny to fulfill!

Quest and Honor is a fantastic continuation in the Flin's Destiny series.  One added bonus is that we are given a glimpse of the families who were left wondering 3 years ago when they were lost to the surface world.  Parcell, Sump, and Ruel are still causing trouble for those in Cobble Cavern but they are no longer a united front, if one could ever think them united.

And Flin is left with a choice.  A choice that could very well cost lives.  What he decides will determine his destiny.  What will he decide?  Read Quest and Honor to find out.  Trust me you won't be disappointed!

In exchange for my review and participation in this Cedar Fort blog tour I was provided a copy of this title.  All opinions expressed are my own and no expectations were placed on it.

“You and only you can save the world, Flin Newby!”
“Me? I can’t even save myself at this moment,” Flin muttered.
“Get up before it’s too late!”

Quest and Honor
(Book 4 of Flin’s Destiny Series)
Erik Olsen

Things look bad for Flin’s underground world. The Time Continuum Glass is missing, Flin is stuck in another time dimension, and the anemone that protects Cobble Cavern is dying. Along with that, Flin’s enemy, Blade, is on the move, searching for a way to keep everyone trapped below the ocean.

Even more disturbing than these problems is the secret that was revealed to Flin deep inside a mysterious cavern. He has seen his future—a fate he doesn’t want to fulfill. Packed with magical creatures, old acquaintances, and new discoveries, this installment to the Flin’s Destiny series has predicaments building up faster than the inhabitants of Cobble Cavern can deal with them.