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Joseph Beyond the Coat of Many Colors ~ Review

Joseph ~
Beyond the Coat of Many Colors
By Mary Englund Murphy

Joseph Beyond the Coat of Many Colors is more than just a study of Joseph and his life.  Starting with Abraham we are taken on a journey that brings us up to Joseph.  Joseph and his brothers are directly affected by how Abraham, Issac, and Jacob manipulated to get what they wanted.

We study Joseph and his brothers and we relate them to our daily life.  Just as God didn't give up on on Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and his sons - He doesn't give up on us.  We can use Joseph as an example of how to live a life that honors God because he exemplified Christ's life through his own.

God sees beyond the outward aspects He sees beneath the mask.  He knows our heart and He sees our true character.  And we can use Joseph Beyond the Coat of Many Colors to help us grow and become whom He desires us to be.

Often we see Joseph portrayed as someone bigger than life, but felt fear and betrayal.  He was tempted and was punished for overcoming it.  Through Joseph Beyond the Coat of Many Colors we can experience this and take strength from this in our own lives.

I liked the activities in each lesson and the scripture readings from throughout the Bible - Old and New Testament.  Each week is broken into 5 days and there are a total of 8 weeks.  This study would work as either an individual study or a family/group study.

I was provided a copy of this book by BookFun (dot) org and the author/publisher in exchange for my honest review.

About Joseph Beyond the Coat of Many Colors

Perhaps more than any other biblical narrative, Joseph's life is a down-to-earth model for everyday relationships. Joseph was a lonely little boy--ignored by his brothers yet coddled by his parents. Feel his fear in the pit; follow his caravan to Egypt; stand with him on the slave auction block. You will experience his struggle for sexual purity, go with him to the dungeons of Egypt, rejoice in his rise to power, weep as he forgives the hurt and betrayal of his brothers.

This interactive workbook study will detail each aspect of Joseph's life and show readers how to relate it to their own temptations and struggles with envy, disappointment, betrayal, purity, power, and forgiveness--for to one degree or another, each of us is living a Joseph life.

Lesson headings:
You Don't Get to Choose Your Family
Taking Sibling Rivalry to New Heights
When Life is the Pits
I Didn't Apply for the Job
Walking by Faith--Again!
Life at the Top
The Real Test of Character
Joseph: The Real Deal