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Just a Little Talk ~ Review

Just a Little Talk
By Anthony Crescio

Just a Little Talk reminds me of Dan Walsh's The Gate.  An unexpected encounter and a conversation that will have a lasting impact on the life of one man and in turn those around him.  

Dominic has been suffering since his best friend Eddy died in an accident in which Dominic was at the wheel.  Compounding his pain he has been in prison for the last eight years because of the accident. As a result Dominic feels alone, having been abandoned be some of his so-called friends and even God, but he is about to have a conversation that will cause him to rethink and re-examine his life.

As an older priest spends an afternoon talking with Dominic - together they examine the life of Jesus and how He suffered and the parallels between both of their lives.  As Dominic questions the priest about Jesus and God - Dominic finds healing and forgiveness that allows him to get past the guilt and pain that has been with him since Eddy's death.  

 If you like Dan Walsh or Ace Collins writing give Just a Little Talk a try you will be pleasantly surprised and discover a new author to add to your reading list!  This book is a perfect week-end read and it is one you will want to share with your friends and family!

 I was provided a copy of this book in conjunction with this Pump Up Your Book blog tour in exchange for my participation and my honest review.

About the Book:
Dominic’s life was drastically changed eight years ago. He's just been released from prison after serving time for the accident that claimed his best friend’s life and destroyed his future.  As he travels through his neighborhood headed home, rain starts to fall, forcing him into a church and an encounter with an old priest who used to know his family.  Together, they relive moments of Dominic’s past which brings up questions about his beliefs in God and Jesus.

Discover how one talk can change a man’s life in Anthony Crescio’s Just a Little Talk.

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Title: Just a Little Talk
Genre: Christian Fiction
Author: Anthony Crescio
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Pages: 116
Language: English
ISBN-10: 161346326X
ISBN-13: 978-1613463260
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The footsteps drew closer and he could hear their pace slow as they neared him. Dominic turned his head down and away hoping to avoid any chance of confrontation.  The footsteps now stopped and he heard a man call to him with a strong but gentle voice, “Dominic?”  He said nothing and didn’t move.  Although the voice had a familiar kindness to it, he still didn’t recognize it.               
“Dominic is that you?” the voice said.  This time Dominic felt compelled to answer.
“Yeah, it’s me,” Dominic said, turning to face the man.


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