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The Diaries of Pontius Pilate ~ Review

The Diaries of Pontius Pilate
By Joseph Max Lewis

It seemed like a standard archeological dig along the shores of the Dead Sea until they unearthed an artifact that certain people want to stay buried forever.  First a member of the auxiliary staff is murdered - just an unfortunate occurrence until a highly trained group of assassins attacks their camp.

As Doctors Kevin Elliot and Jill Gates attempt to save these most precious artifacts that seem to have ties to Pontius Pilate they are also in struggle to survive against an unknown powerful foe determined to stop them no matter what!  But the question is why are a bunch of copper scrolls and an ancient piece of wood worth sending out assassins around the world - what is on these ancient artifacts that someone wants to destroy them and any and all who have had contact with them?  The truths that have been buried for nearly 2,000 years could change the world and someone is very worried if the truth gets out.

The Diaries of Pontius Pilate is a thrilling adventure that is sure to keep your eyes glued to the pages of your book until the very end.  This book was described as an Indiana Jones style reading experience and it is indeed such a book.  But it is set in a modern setting, unlike Indiana Jones, and technological gadgetry that is used helps add to the drama and suspense. (Unlike Indiana Jones no one melts being exposed to the artifacts - BIG plus in my opinion!) There is another Lost Ark similarity but I can't say what without giving something away - and it is good, believe me.

There are two groups at work one trying to stop Kevin and Jill and another trying help them.  But how are two hunted archeologists to know the difference?  Finding out just may save their lives...

If you want more excitement pick up a copy of The Diaries of Pontius Pilate today and enjoy the adventure.  This is a book that should appeal to most readers unless you don't like adventure, excitement, and a touch of romance in your books.

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