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Aquifer ~ Review

By Jonathan Friesen

Truth lies just below the surface....

Water is a scarcity in 2250, and for generations one family alone has known the path to the only source of water.  The water lies deep below the surface guarded by a mutated race of beings known as Water Rats. This is Luca's destiny - to become the next Deliverer.

Emotion is forbidden.  Art is illegal.  Freedom is outlawed. Possession of books is unheard of.  And to break the law is to risk being undone!

One the day that Luca turns 16, something goes wrong and the role of Deliverer falls on him before he is ready.  The secret that Luca carries in his head is the only hope for a world that depends on the annual negotiations for water.  Having never completed this trip into the unknown except in his mind Luca struggles to control his fears as his world is about to come undone.  With time running out can Luca find the Aquifer before the world above falls into chaos?

The world of the Water Rats is something that Luca's father never told him about and nothing prepares him for the unknown world that he is about to enter.  But someone wants the knowledge that Luca guards and they will do anything to get it.  Relying on the help of new acquaintances and a inner Voice Luca is in a race against time and the Amongus to keep the water flowing to the world of the Toppers.

Aquifer is page turning excitement that you won't want to put down.  Not only will you want to re-read it again, but you'll want to share it with all your friends!  Add it to your want to read list today, you won't regret the time you spent reading it.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Blink / Zondervan through Z Street Team in exchange for my honest review.

About Aquifer:
In the year 2250, a ruling class controls the entire world by controlling the only source of hydration, buried deep underground—and they also control the flow of knowledge. While the Wise Ones can monitor the Topper world above and the “Water Rat” mines below, there’s one boy they can’t watch, and he has the passion and knowledge to find a crucial prophecy and potentially change the world.