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Rescue Team ~ Review

Rescue Team
Grace Medical #2
By Candace Calvert

Anyone can make a mistake, but some mistakes have a way of latching on to us and never letting go.  At least that is what Kate Callison has come to discover.  No matter how far away she goes, something brings back the guilt over what she has done.  And volunteer rescuer Wes Tanner is bad news as far as Kate is concerned especially when he is part of the stress group that the hospital has set up and expects her to attend as well.

When Kate stepped up to the challenge of filling Sunni Sprague‘s shoes she had no idea the hospital would become the target of  an anonymous concerned citizen who is crushing staff morale with attacks on the level of care being offered.  When a Baby Doe is found on the floor of the restroom everything takes a downward path.  Threats of a lawsuit, a grief and guilt stricken staff, a manipulative lawyer, and finger pointing are about to end Kate’s temporary position before she even has a chance to make it permanent.

But Kate has always moved from place to place avoiding close relationships, especially those with men.  But Wes could be different, he isn't like the other men who have disappointed her throughout her life.  But Wes can't forgive a certain sin nor can he extend grace to those who commit it, so how can he and Kate ever be anything other than acquaintances especially if the truth about her past comes out. 

Rescue Team is a set in a hospital environment but the true healing in this book is of the heart rather than of the body.  What one sees as an unpardonable sin another sees as a way to safety.  Who is right, who is wrong?  Who should decide?  As each of these characters reaches a crossroad in their life they must decide whether they are going to do it their way holding onto their individual hurts and pains or whether they will turn it over to God and accept true mercy and grace, the kind that only God can provide.