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Slow Moon Rising ~ Review

Slow Moon Rising
A Cedar Key novel
By Eva Marie Everson

When Anise Kelly marries newly widowed Ross Claybourne she didn't realize exactly what she was marrying into.  Ross was above board telling her about his four daughters - three of whom were grown with families of their own.  He told of his late wife and the alcohol problems that cost her her life.  But even Ross wasn't aware of the shadows and secrets that were haunting his daughters.

Some secrets are better left to the dark and to the past, but some need to see the light of day so that healing can be experienced both in the heart and in the family.  As the Claybourne women each handle the issues in their own lives they must deal with the secret that their parents kept over the years - a secret that they don't realize has been slowly tearing them apart over them years.

Slow Moon Rising is told from the viewpoints of each of the women but not over the same time period.  The book begins in 2000 just 7 months after Ross's wife Joan died.  This time period in told through Anise and Ami's viewpoint.  The other viewpoints take place during different years as they each go through times of trouble with their marriages, health, or finances.  Some of these troubles are of their own making while others are a result of the secret they have all been hiding from and one that they were unaware of except for Ami.

For people who like to skip ahead in books this is not the type book that you can do this with (I by the way am not this type reader as I find it detracts from my reading pleasure but my mom and sister read this way so I thought I'd offer this little warning) .

This is a book of second chances.  A chance to start over.  A chance to forgive.  A chance to listen.  A chance to heal.

This is the story about life and how we don't know the hidden pains that lie within the hearts of those around us.  Look at those around you and offer your hand to those who appear to be hurting.  And remember that appearances are deceiving and we can't always know the truth behind one side of the story.

I liked this though it was a little difficult to follow if I forgot whose viewpoint I was reading.

I was provided a copy of this book by Revell in exchange for my honest review.

Available June 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

About the Book:
One family, one secret--and one chance to make it right
The beautiful Claybourne home on Cedar Key has long been a place of rest, healing, and release. Each member of the family has turned there in times of confusion, loss, and hurt, only to feel their spirits renewed and their hearts restored.

But Cedar Key might also be the birthplace of a lie that is poisoning the family from within. 

Join the five Claybourne women--Anise, Kimberly, Jayme-Leigh, Heather, and Ami--as they search the past and confront the truth. Their unique paths will lead them through heartbreak, misunderstandings, and pain. But their journeys will also bring reconciliation with each other and the precious renewal of love in their own lives.

In her lyrical, evocative fashion, Eva Marie Everson weaves a tapestry of complicated relationships that, when complete, reveals the most beautiful work of art there is--family.