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Fog of War ~ Review

Fog of War
Justin Hall #3
By Ethan Jones

Justin Hall is back with a new mission.  But nothing is ever easy and when a several joint CIA and CIS missions go south a leak is suspected.  The CIA lays the blame on the CIS and Justin and Carrie are tasked with determining the truth.

But adding to the difficulties of their latest mission that takes them to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula is the fact that Justin seems to be the personal target of whomever is receiving the intelligence.  Who is targeting Justin and why him, not that he hasn't made enemies over the years but a $1,000,000 bounty on his head is something new.

Fog of War packs all the excitement you've come to expect in a Justin Hall case.  Betrayal that crosses national borders could end it all for Justin unless he can find the mole.  But solve this case Justin may have to disobey orders and go rogue.  Can the favors he's garnered over the years lead to the breakthrough he needs before it's too late?  Or will he run out of favors and time?

If you like suspenseful spy novels that keep on the edge of your seat, you will want to read the latest Justin Hall novel Fog of War!

I was provided a copy of this book in digital format by the author in exchange for my review.