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Return of the Mystic Gray ~ Blog Tour with Excerpt

Return of the Mystic Gray
by Steve Westover

They thought they had won the battle of Crater Lake six months ago, but they were wrong.  Something is calling them back and they have no choice but to answer the call.

But they are no longer the same people they were before their Crater Lake experiences, they have become the weapons that they used when they battled Llao.  Once back at Crater Lake Jordan's vision of the wolf makes sense - Jacob is alive and needs their help!

Che-Tan is back and is still a mystery as to where his loyalties lie.  Ethan and his friends are being helped by Ha-ida a teenage girl who is more than she seems and is the last of her people.  

The Mystic Gray has returned and another battle is coming and they have six months to prepare for it - but first they must rescue Jordan before Llao strips her of her new powers and they must help Jacob fully heal.  With time running out Ethan must make decisions that could save his friend and sister or will give the world over to Llao.  

The cause of the endless battle between Skell and Llao is revealed and Che-Tan's true loyalty is discovered.   But when saving Jordan's life means preventing Llao's death, what will Ethan choose?  Is he willing to sacrifice his sister to end the battle or will he listen to his heart rather than his friends?

Strengths are weaknesses and weaknesses are strengths, if only we can see them for what they are they will not be our undoing.  If Ethan and his friends can learn this they will be able to stand against Llao.

When all is said and done the battle has yet to end, and the date has been set.  The battle to rule Crater Lake and perhaps the world will be waged when summer begins!  The countdown has begun, will you be ready?

The Return of the Mystic Gray is every bit as exciting as The Battle for Wizard Island.  You will be left wanting book 3 when you finish Mystic Gray!  I for one also am wondering what their parents are going to say if and when they see them again (just something to think about while waiting for book 3).

I was provided a copy of this book for the purpose of this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Here is a brief description of the book:

Ethan and his friends are back in a brand-new adventure! With inherited powers they don’t understand and can’t quite control, they head back to Crater Lake to rescue their friend Jacob, train for an epic battle, and join forces with a powerful ally—the Mystic Gray. Filled with action, adventure, and mystery, this book is a thrilling addition to the Crater Lake series!
Meet the Author:
Steve Westover was born in California and has also lived in Ohio, Utah, and Idaho, but for most of his life, he lived in Salem, Oregon.  After school he moved back to rural Missouri where he now lives on a small hobby farm with his wife, four kids, chickens, two calves, cats, and a dog.   To learn more about Steve, read his blog or visit his website.

The wolf’s bite shredded Brady’s Gore-Tex glove. When the wolf  approached again, Brady brushed at the animal with annoyance, knocking it back ten feet and causing it to yelp as it crashed into the snow. “Punk! These are my only gloves,” Brady muttered.
Removing his right glove, Brady examined the severe tear and then looked at his hand. There wasn’t a scratch or even a red mark. Brady placed the glove back on his hand and then watched while the wolf turned to run into the woods.
Brady pounded his chest with a fist and tilted his head to the sky, whooping and hollering, mocking the wolf’s howls and yelps. He then screamed in declaration, “I AM INVINCIBLE.”
Reveling in his newfound durability, Brady smirked but then his eyes widened with fear as he felt the ground collapse beneath his skis.
The avalanche seemed determined to take Brady with it as it cascaded down the cliff. Falling sideways, Brady quickly turned his skis to point down the nearly vertical cliff slope. The skis hit the slope and Brady picked up speed as he leaned back so far that he sat on the back of the skis. “WOO-HOO!” he screamed as he barreled down the cliff but then became silent as the rest of the avalanche caught him from behind, burying Brady. It carried him the rest of the way down to the shore of Crater Lake.
The avalanche slammed Brady’s body into the snow-covered boulders that lined the shoreline . . . testing his claim of invincibility.
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