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AfterLife ~ Review

Hanegraaff AfterLife Cover

by Hank Hanegraaff

Have you ever wondered what comes next?  If you are honest  you'll probably admit that you have.  But what will the After Life be like?  Hank Hanegraaff offers some answers by turning to the Scriptures.

Death is the great unknown, but what comes next?  According to Hank we have 3 distinct phases of life in which we metamorphosis from the first to the last.  The first stage is life in the present which starts in the womb and ends with death.  The second stage is life after life which is the separation of our soul from our body.  The third stage is life after life-after-life which is the reuniting of our transformed body with our soul after Christ's second coming.

Death is our entryway into a new sphere of existence - Heaven and with it eternal life.  Heaven is where God is, there is no whereness in regard to the spiritual only awareness.   Heaven is earth's Easter when the Creation is transformed during the restoration of our Creator's return.

There is an overabundance of  Near Death Experiences and they should not be believed as they may be satanic subterfuge to confuse us and to draw us away from God.  NDEs add nothing to our knowledge of the afterlife and are subjective to the individual's beliefs and past experiences.

Heaven is not limited by time or space but is rather another dimension of God's creation that we are unable to experience in our present state of life.  Heaven and Earth are divided by a veil that sin created and until the  creation is restored through renewal and rebirth at the second coming we will never experience the new Eden.

What we do in the now determines our eternity.  Will it be Heaven with eternal life in the presence of our Creator? Or will it be the eternal torment of Hell?  The choice is yours.  What will you decide?

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:

In AfterLife: What You Need to Know about Heaven, the Hereafter & Near-Death Experiences, Hank Hanegraaff. wades through the varying near-death accounts and lines them up with what the Bible says.  Topics he covers include: Does hell exist? Does heaven? Do pets go to heaven? Do we float around with wings? How much good work is required for entry? Have people been and come back to tell the tale? How old are we there?

With his signature style, Hanegraaff cuts through the cultural clutter to illuminate what is known about the afterlife, what has been said about the afterlife, and how we can filter the glut of stories and revelations.