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Threads of Grace ~ Review

Threads of Grace
A Patchwork of Heaven Novel Book 3
By Kelly Long

Seth Wyse can't get newly arrived widow Grace Beiler out of his thoughts.  She and her autistic son Abel have found a place in his heart, if only he could convince Grace of it.  But when Grace is injured Seth tries to convince her that they can at least be friends.

When Grace's brother-in-law shows up with her late husband's will in hand, Grace is in danger of losing everything, including Abel.  Seth comes up with a solution to Grace's problem, but is Grace willing to risk a second marriage to save her son and herself from Tobias Beiler?

Grace can't believe that a younger man, let alone the most eligible bachelor in Pine Creek would want to marry her.  Grace knows that Seth is making a mistake, but she is grateful for his offer.  Can Seth's love heal a heart and a spirit that has been broken and crushed by a man who tried to destroy the young woman he married.

But Seth is keeping a secret.  Will Seth's passion for painting be point of contention or a means of connection between Seth and Grace?

Will Grace ever be able to see that the threads that run through our lives make us who we are and that no matter what God's work is never complete in the pattern that is our life?  If her sister Violet and her friend Alice have anything to say about it she will and she'll see that Seth is an important part of her quilt.

Threads of Grace is a story of healing and a story of grace.  Sometimes life is filled with pain, but God is there offering us hope of a better tomorrow.  I found the story to be enjoyable and an excellent week-end pastime   I also was interested in the glimpses the author gave into Tobias Beiler's life and his motivation in why he behaved as he did.

The publisher provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for this review through BookSneeze.