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The Broken Path ~ Review

The Broken Path
By Cami Checketts

Ethan Searle is determined to not be seen as a broken man, even though his legs are damaged from a childhood accident.  Autumn Reader has just returned to her hometown, leaving behind an abusive ex-husband and her trust.   But when a chance encounter at church leads to misunderstandings is friendship even possible?

But Autumn's two year old daughter - Brittan may be just what these two hurting people need to heal.  Autumn's mother Nancy feels that Ethan and Autumn are prefect for each other and goes out of her way to play matchmaker.  But will Nancy's efforts do more harm than good?

Meanwhile Nancy is pursuing her own potential romance with Jacob.  But is there hope for something more when in two and a half years they have only had four dates?  Nancy is determined to have something more for both herself and her daughter.

But Autumn's ex, Trent is obsessed with her and can't decide if he wants to get back together with her or to make her pay for his year in prison.  When Trent leaves Las Vegas to find out if he has a child and to bring Autumn back into his life a life and death situation ensues and the reader is quite literally in suspense.

The Broken Path is a story of rediscovering trust and love.  We must learn to see beyond the physical limitations and rise above the mental ones to grasp what life is offering us.  This is another winner from Cami and time well spent.

I was provided a digital copy of this book by Cami Checketts for the purpose of this review.