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Angel Eyes ~ CSFF January Blog Tour Day 2

Angel Eyes
By Shannon Dittemore

Brielle Matthews best friend has been murdered and she's returning to her hometown in Stratus, Oregon.  But her pain over her loss and her fear has made her a target.  An evil is stalking Brielle and it is about to find her.

Jake Shield and his guardian Canaan have been sent to Stratus, next door to Brielle and her father.  But who are these strangers and why does Jake seem to be everywhere Brielle is?  Is he stalking her?

When Brielle is out too late and gets caught in a storm and injured, Jake finds her when no one knows where she is.  Not only does he find her he heals her.  Who is this young man who can heal injuries with his hands?

When Jake and Canaan have to make a sudden trip, Jake leaves behind a gift for Brielle - a gift that may very well change her life forever and help her broken heart find the peace that it is seeking.

In conjunction with this CSFF tour I was provided a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.

Links to check-out:
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