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Captain ~ Review

By Thomas Block

When you combine a runaway plane, a delusional co-pilot, an unscrupulous Board of Directors, a reporter after the story, and a retired airline pilot you get Captain!  Thomas Block has created an intense setting that will hold you riveted until the very end.

Trans-Atlantic Airlines has a secret that is about to be exposed and you are about to discover what that secret is....

The company is about to be sold off those only a few people know this and someone has leaked this to Jennifer Lane who is determined to get the story and what a story  she is about to get.

Flight 3 out of Rome was a typical flight, not filled to capacity but still full enough.  Retired pilot Ray Clarke is returning to New York after exploring Northern Italy.  The Consolidated 768 was a converted Boeing 767 and to his eye it was a 767.  Against company and TSA policy and the objections of co-pilot Peter Fenton, Captain Jack Schofield invited his old friend to the cockpit for takeoff..

But when a oddity that was not possible according to "the books" occurs, Jack asks Ray for his opinion on the matter and how he would handle it.  What follows next is a panicked radio message and gunshots!  As Consolidated Flight 3 struggles to survive actions are set into motion that could doom this flight before it can reach its final destination.

As everyone scrambles to determine the truth and figure out what went wrong lives hang in the balance and Consolidated President Brandon Kyle maneuvers to save his upcoming financial windfall regardless of the costs.

Lives are going to be lost, it is just a question of whose and how many.....   

I found this to be an extremely intense "what's going to happen next" type book.  And before you ask there are no women going into labor. (Ugh!!!!)  The only distraction I found was the touches of swearing that the characters used occasionally in moments stress (unfortunately one hears worse from kids walking down the street).  But overall I enjoyed Captain and would recommend it.

I was provided a copy of this title for the purpose of this review all opinions expressed are my own.



Thomas Block has written a number of aviation-oriented novels, many which have gone on to acquire best-seller status in numerous countries. His novel writing began with the publication of “Mayday” in 1979. That novel was rewritten with novelist Nelson DeMille in 1998 and remains on DeMille’s extensive backlist. “Mayday” became a CBS Movie of the Week in October, 2005.
Several of the other novels by Block include “Orbit” (a top bestseller in Germany, among other nations), “Airship Nine”, “Forced Landing” (also done as a radio serialization drama in Japan), “Skyfall”, “Open Skies” and his latest novel, “Captain”. Thomas Block is still writing both fiction and non-fiction, and has edited and updated his earlier novels into ebooks in all the major formats and also into handsome full-sized (6″ by 9″ Trade Paperback) printed versions.
Block’s magazine writing began in 1968 and over the next five decades his work has appeared in numerous publications. He worked 20 years at FLYING Magazine as Contributing Editor, and as Contributing Editor to Plane & Pilot Magazine for 11 years. Block became Editor-at-Large for Piper Flyer Magazine and Cessna Flyer Magazine in 2001. During his long career as an aviation writer he has written on a wide array of subjects that range from involvement with government officials to evaluation reports on most everything that flies.
An airline pilot for US Airways for over 36 years before his retirement in April, 2000, Captain Thomas Block has been a pilot since 1959. Since 2002, he has lived on a ranch in Florida with his wife Sharon where they board, compete and train horses.
His latest book is the suspense/thriller novel, Captain.
Visit his website at


Thomas Block has created ‘Captain’ – his most ambitious, intricate and action-packed aviation tale yet . It is a chilling and all-too-real story about a routine Trans-Atlantic airline flight that suddenly turns absolutely insane. In the doomed airliner’s cockpit, inside the passenger cabin and on the ground, a complex array of characters have been propelled at jet speed into a sudden and frantic race for survival.
‘Captain’ is about the individual and collective struggles of each of these men and women as they attempt to deal with and ultimately fight against the odds and circumstances that are stacked against them. Captainis a novel that pits man against man while also pitting man against machine. It is a story about the need for human judgments, hard-learned experiences, gut feelings and unbridled perseverance in an effort to rise up against a world where the strict adherence to written rules, regulations and procedures have been accepted as the norm.
‘Captain is about the way real airline pilots think, feel and react, especially after those giant airliners that they’ve strapped themselves to have suddenly turned vicious and unpredictable.