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Christmas Roses ~ Review

Christmas Roses
By Amanda Cabot

After her husband's death Celia Anderson opened a boarding house.  Times are hard and Celia needs more boarders so that she can support herself and her infant daughter Emma.

When Mark Williams comes in search of a a room he is an answer to Celia's prayers.  Mark is in Easton on a two year search for his long absent father.  The fact that he knows how to help Emma when she becomes ill while Doc was away seems even more miraculous!

Bertha Pearson is convinced that Celia needs a new husband, but Celia is adamant that she's not ready.  But secretly Celia wants to marry for love if she ever remarries.  Her first marriage was arranged by her parents and she longs for something more.  She wants a man to give her Christmas roses, a near impossible feat in 1882 Wyoming Territory.  But this is what her heart longs for and someone who loves Emma as if she could be his own.

Mark has been searching for the father that his mother told him died years ago, but after his mother's death Mark found letters from his father to his mother that showed that his father stilled lived.  Mark needs to know why his father left them all those years ago.

Celia touches Mark's heart and he is convinced if he was the type to marry he'd be partial to a lady like Celia.  But Mark knows that Celia wants a father for Emma, and if there is one thing that Mark knows it's that he could never be a father.  How could he be a father when he never knew his?

As Mark searches for evidence that his father was ever in the area he helps Celia out by do little chores around the home and starting a small carpentry business.  But when Mark's search comes to an abrupt halt, can he find a reason to finally put down roots or will his past keep him forever on the move?

Though she has the beginning of feelings for Mark, Celia knows that she needs to find a father for Emma when she hears the hurt that his lack still causes him.  But can she find a man that loves both her and Emma or will she have to settle for a marriage that is more business than feeling?  Will Celia ever receive her heart's desire, will she ever receive Christmas Roses?

Christmas Roses is a story of two people searching for what is missing in their lives.   This a delightful, sweet story that will warm your heart.

I received a copy of this title from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Available September 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.