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Liberator ~ Review

Dragons of Starlight Book 4
By Bryan Davis

Starlight is about to change forever.  The disease unleashed by Exodus is striking down the slaves.  Jason and Elyssa are heading north to warn the soldiers of Major 4 of the deadly new threat.  

The usurper dragon king Taushin has a plan that will bring one of the Starlighters under his power.  Who will succomb to his treachery Koren or Cassabrie?   

When Magnar crosses the border of the Northlands to aid the soldiers the Benefile are released to exact justice upon the dragons of the Southlands.  But when the Benefile realize that the slaves are carrying a deadly disease that could kill the soldiers they begin freezing the slaves.  But how far will justice go before it is satisfied?  And will mercy have no say in the battle?

The liberation of Starlight comes at a great cost to all, but who will prevail in the end?  And who is the true Liberator?

Liberator is an exciting conclusion to the Dragons of Starlight series.  The various efforts come to a head as loyalties are tested and alliances are formed.  Will the Masters family ever be brought together again or will they forever be separated by the dragons of Starlight?  Will the treachery of Orion be discovered?  

Mercy is the greatest gift that anyone can give?  But can the lesson be learned and accept in time?

I received a copy of this book through the Z Street Team program.  All opinions expressed are my own.