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God of All Creation ~ Review

God of All Creation: 

Life Lessons from Pets and Wildlife

by James Robinson with James Randall Robinson

Drawing on lessons he learned from his miniature dachshund Princess and other animals both domestic and wild James comes up with parallels to our relationship with God.

Often, we, like our pets, want to follow a certain course of action that could be harmful.  God, just like a loving owner, steps in a directs us away from the danger.  But there are times we just refuse to listen or learn and we get hurt. 

We, like animals, need to watch out for traps.  The traps set for us are various and can include love of money, lust, fears, worldly wisdom, and words(spoken without thought or in anger).  Traps never look that bad until we have been caught.  

We should be like our pets and desire to be with the one who has taken us into His family and opened His home to us.  Jesus pointed out the Father's care of animals as an assurance that He would also care for us if we will just accept His love and care.

From page 4 of God of All Creation: "Jesus, the greatest person who ever lived, said, “Look at the birds” (Matthew 6:26), and Solomon, the wisest man, said, “Take a lesson from the ants” (Proverbs 6:6). Both our Savior and the man renowned for his wisdom understood the deeper truths that God reveals through His creation..."  God of All Creation indeed shows us how true this is.

The delightful cover illustration of Princess made me want to read this book.  Within the book are several other illustrations not enough to say it is illustrated (10 or 11) but they just add a little something extra to the book.  The book is broken down into 29 chapters that are between 3 - 6 pages in length making it perfect for short devotional.
I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review but opinions expressed are my own.