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Submerged ~Book Review

Alaskan Courage Book 1
By Dani Pettrey

When her Aunt Agnes dies unexpectedly in a plane crash, Bailey is drawn back to Yancey, Alaska, a place she never planned to ever visit again.

Yancey is the past Bailey doesn't want to face.  After her parents abandonment, Bailey moved to Yancey to live with Agnes.  But a lonely 15 year old girl seeking love makes mistakes and  Bailey's have cost her the man she loved and her reputation in Yancey.  But she owes her aunt, the only person who ever truly loved her.

When Bailey arrives in Yancey she is determined to project a proper, no-nonsense attitude.  But can Yancey overlook her reckless, wild high school years and see her as she now is?

Cole McKenna had his heart broken by Bailey when she rejected his friendship and instead sought the wrong crowd and he's determined to keep his distance, but circumstances keep bringing them together.  When evidence comes to light that the plane crash that killed Agnes was sabotage and it may be linked to the murder of a couple of divers, Bailey is drawn into the investigation and the McKenna family.

As they get closer to the truth the danger begins to mount.  Will Bailey ever get the chance to stop runnig from her past or will her life end at the hands of the very man responsible for her aunt's death?  What lies beneath the sea that is worth killing so many for?

Submerged grabs your attention and draws you in.  You feel for Bailey and her pain.  You laugh at the antics of Piper and sympathize with Landon.  Cole's confusion touches you.  This is an all nighter book until you reach the final page and your left wondering what comes next!

Submerged is an honest look at God's grace and mercy.  Until we accept it from Him we won't experience His loving and total forgiveness.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of this review.  There were no expectations placed upon this review and the opinions expressed are my own.