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Prophet ~ Book Review

Books of the Infinite #1
By R.J. Larson

Ella Roch of Parne is the least likely person anyone would expect to be chosen a prophet of the Infinite.  But the Infinite chooses Ella to be His voice of warning to the neighboring nations and kingdoms.  

When Ella sees a vision of destruction and massacre in Ytar, she has no idea why the Infinite would send such horror to her.  But she soon learns the truth - she has been chosen to bring a warning to change to the kingdom of Istgard for their evil decadence and abandonment of the ways of the Infinite.

Taking her younger sister Tzana with her Ella sets out on a journey that may very well end her life before it has truly begun.   After all the old saying A silver-haired prophet has failed can only mean that Ella will die young and soon.  

Ella's journey to Istgard is a time for her to grow and to train in her new life as a prophet.  When danger comes Ella must learn painful lessons in learning to call first upon the Infinite and His protection in every matter.  

Part of Ella's mission is to turn the heart of Ambassador Kien Lantec of the Tracelands to the Infinite.  Having been captured after the massacre of Ytar, Kien is a prisoner of Istgard.  As fellow prisoners Ella and Kien both serve the purpose of the Infinite though Kien is unaware of his part.  

A battle is coming and Ella and Kien are headed to the very center as their Istgard captors are determined to have them fall in battle along with the Traceland forces.  With the visions she has received about the upcoming battle, Ella knows the Infinite's Will will be fulfilled and that she will most likely die in the ensuing battle.  

Prophet is an enjoyable reading experience.  Reading it one can find various parallels to Old Testament Prophets so that one will be inspired to delve into the Bible and refresh one's familiarity with the Prophets of old.  

I received a free copy of this title from Bethany House for the purpose of this review, no conditions were placed on this review.