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Prize of My Heart

Prize of My Heart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Prize of My Heart
By Lisa Norato

Three years ago Captain Brogan Talvis was betrayed by his late wife Abigail. Unhappy with her status as wife and mother Abigail abandoned their son Benjamin. Shortly thereafter she died in a house fire taking her secret to the grave with her.

But Brogan was not about to abandon his son to the care of strangers and thus embarked on an impossible search for his young son. By sheer chance he catches a glimpse of Ben's face in the window of Nathaniel Huntley's home. Having discovered the whereabouts of his son, Brogan commissions the building of a merchantman on which he plans to steal his son away on.

But Benjamin doesn't remember his long lost father whom he believes died years ago. Not only does Ben not recognize Brogan he is now called Drew by the Huntleys. Further complicating Brogan's mission is Lorena Huntley to whom Drew is very attached. Determined to win over his son's affections Brogan soon realizes he must gain the respect and trust of Lorena if he is to have any chance with Drew.

But as Brogan spends time with Lorena he is drawn to her for herself. But just as his happiness and greatest desire seems within his grasp Lorena is spirited away by a former employee of her father's.   With Lorena being forced to England against her will, Brogan is left with a choice.   Does he give up his plan to spirit his son away and save Lorena or does he steal another child Nathaniel Huntley?  Brogan decides that he has no choice but to follow his heart.

I found Prize of My Heart to be a delightful read, perfect for a lazy week-end or a summer afternoon.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House for the purpose of this review, a favorable review was not required.