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Interview with Eric Hendershot author of At Season's End.

First off I'd like to thank you, Eric, for taking the time answer a few questions about your 
upcoming book At Season's End.

1) Where did you get the idea for At Season's End and why did you feel the
need to write it?  Where did you get your materials for At Season's End
I received the journal entries from my father-in-law Richard Johnson
who received them from a Mrs. Reba Lazenby. Reba received them from
the character Tim in the story. The material was basically scattered
journal entries from his life as a migrant during the depression.
After reading the accounts I was moved to tears. It was heroic and
inspirational to me. My philosophy is if something moves you and
inspires you - share it.  I outline this in the front of the book. It
is a true story. I have tried to fill in some of the back story.

Why did I feel the need to write it? The story touched me. I fell in
love with the characters and what they went through. When you are
moved you want to share that experience with others.

2) In At Season's End do you have a favorite scene? What about this touched
A favorite scene? That's tough because I have so many for different
reasons. One of them is when Paw dives into the Columbia River to save
Ben from drowning. And then Maw and the kids pull Paw and Ben out.
When frail Maw falls on Paw and weeps and tells him she loves him over
and over again. You can't help but feel the love she has for him.

BIG MAMA'S CAFE is another favorite incident of mine. The way Paw
works Big Mama's sympathies is classic. He has such a way of getting
people to help him and his family and making them glad they did.

When Paw falls out of the loft in the barn is right up there for me. I
cannot read that without getting emotional. When I wrote that scene I
can tell you there were tears on the keyboard.

Another favorite moment was when the Griffins show up to pick cherries
at Hood River, Oregon. There is a great lesson about teaching your
kids to work. We also learn to love the migrants for their charitable

3) Who is your favorite character and why this character?
My favorite character would have to be Paw. He is such a con man but
at the same time so good and loyal to his family. Yes, he takes and
tells some fibs, but always is there giving and helping others.

4) With all that Tim and Sally went through, do you think you could have
done the same at their age?
Good question. Boy - I don't know. Those were hard times and the kids
experienced much more than I ever did. But we all have that survival
instinct in us and when we are forced into a corner we come out
fighting. I'd like to think if my father made me promise to get my
sister someplace I would be able to in spite of the obstacles.

5) As a writer, is there a question you wish someone would ask you about
your writing and, if so, how would you answer them?
You may not know it but I am a screenwriter with about 20 scripts to
my credit and 13 feature length films that I have written and
directed. I guess the question I would like to be asked from aspiring
writers is -- How do I go about writing a movie script or a novel? My
answer would be -- JUST DO IT! Set aside time each day and begin. When
I had a young family - we turned off the TV, put them to bed and I
wrote until midnight. At the time I was a high school teacher and head
wrestling coach. It was taxing but when you want something badly
enough you seem to find time. My break came when I sold a movie of the
week to ABC called THE IMPOSTOR. I can write creatively for about 4
hours a day. When rewriting - I can go all day.

6) Do you have a favorite genre? What do you like about this type book?
A favorite genre? Inspirational, true stories. I like this type of
book because it is not only entertaining it provides an experience for
the reader. They are going to read the last page, close the book, look
off and say to themselves - I am better for reading this. I learned
something that I didn't know before about the human spirit. I want to
share this with someone else.