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Line by Line ~ Review

Line by Line
Love Along the Lines #1
By Jennifer Delamere

Alice McNeil is finally within grasping distance of the life she has dreamed about for years. A life that will allow her independence and not dependent upon any man to secure her future. Working as a telegrapher has allowed her to excel, putting her mind to work, and secure a position with Henley and Company.

Douglas Shaw has risen about the poverty of his childhood and he is determined to continue his upward climb, even in the face of his parent's disapproval. After a trip abroad he is more than impressed with the skills of Henley's newest telegrapher. And when Miss McNeil refuses to be bullied by the company's other telegrapher Archie Clapper, he senses a kindred spirit of sorts in her.

As time passes, Alice and Douglas have an enjoyable friendship, one that is based on their work and mutual interests, both have an interest in the changing world of science and technology. When an incident occurs that threatens the future that they have been striving for they are forced to reexamine their lives.

I liked the interactions between the various characters. But I think some of the best scenes were between Douglas and Andrew Carnegie. The wisdom that Carnegie shared is something every reader should take to heart. What is truly important in your life? Money? Fame? Family? 

This is the first book I have read by Jennifer Delamere and have to say I was pleased with her work. The characters came to life and were more than just words on a page. One was involved in their lives and cared about their hopes and fears. This is the first book in the Love Along the Wires series and one that I can see myself reading as they become available. It is also interesting to delve into communication that isn't instantaneous - something that seems almost unfathomable in the world we find ourselves living in today. Telegraphs, Morse code, coded messages all an unknown yet at the time of this book the newest thing.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Can her dreams of independence withstand a dash of love?

Since she was young, Alice McNeil has seen a career as a telegrapher as the best use for her keen and curious mind. Years later, she doesn't regret her freedom in foregoing marriage, especially when she acquires a coveted position at an important trading firm. But when the company's ambitious junior director returns to London, things begin to change in ways Alice could never have imagined.

For Douglas Shaw, years of hard work and ingenuity enabled him to escape a life of grinding poverty. He's now determined to marry into high society--a step that will ensure he never returns to the conditions of his past.

He immediately earns Alice's respect by judging her based on her skills and not her gender, and a fast camaraderie forms. However, when Alice accidentally angers a jealous coworker and his revenge threatens both their reputations, Alice and Douglas are forced to confront what is truly important in their lives. Will their growing bond give them the courage to see the future in a different light?

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