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Deep Undercover ~ Review

Deep Undercover
True Blue K-9 Unit #4
By Lorena Worth

As the New York K-9 Unit continues to work on the murder of their boss and the disappearance of his K-9 partner Snapper, they have a serial bomber to deal with too. NYPD K-9 officers Brianne Hayes and Gavin Sutherland have suspicions about a realty group and decide that the only way to get the truth is to go undercover. 

There is just one catch to Gavin's plan - they'll have to go undercover as a married couple. A couple with money to spend and a spoiled dog who goes everywhere with them. Yes, Gavin's K-9 partner Tommy is going undercover as a spoiled pooch in the hopes that he can sniff out evidence leading them to the bomber.

But when someone starts targeting the pair, the only question is whether it is related to their bomber or to Jordan's murder.

This is the fourth book in the True Blue K-9 series and it continues the story arc that has been running throughout the series - what happened to Jordan Jameson and why. Will the K-9 unit ever get to the truth? If you have not read the previous books that should not be a problem - as this story while having the series thread running through it focuses more on Gavin and Brianne's bomb detection work and their undercover operation. And as this is a Love Inspired Suspense there is of course a possible romance in their future - all clean reading too.

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