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Heaven Came Down ~ Review

Heaven Came Down
The Oculus Gate #1
By Bryan Davis

Their arrival brought hope to a world in pain. But before long those who looked beyond the beautiful facade presented to the world saw something else. The heavenly visitors who came to earth were heralded by many as angels sent by God. But those who refused to worship the angels were soon destroyed.

Rebellion has arisen but they are in danger of falling to these beings who demand everything - even the human soul. The Garrisons - Ben, Jack, and Trudy - have joined the rebellion, seeking to save humanity and the world they call home from these insidious beings who are enslaving everyone.

Word has come to the last bastion of rebels that they are about to be targeted by the angels by a toxin that will kill all who are within the dispersal zone. With a desperate plan to save their people from this latest attack the Garrisons target the enemy's headquarters. But all is not as it seems and soon Ben, Trudy, Jack find themselves facing a situation they never expected - becoming hosts for their enemy.

With little time to act and even less support, the battle for humanity and the human soul has entered a critical juncture - one that once begun there is no chance of going back. Sometimes saving the world calls for the ultimate sacrifice - a sacrifice that few have the strength to carry through. But has such a time come? Only time will tell...
Heaven Came Down is the first book in The Oculus Gate series, and if this book is any indication it will be a stellar reading experience. The fate of many depends upon the actions of a few and as a reader one just can't help wondering at times who can be trusted. The book has a steady pace with periods of action that kept this reader turning the page. This is different from Bryan Davis's previous works but still written with the same quality and attention to detail that one has come to expect from him. The book ends so that the reader is left with questions but not hanging from a cliff until book 2 is released which is on the author's part an incredible kindness.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Heavenly messengers, or deadly parasites?

In the chaotic aftermath of the apocalyptic war, the strange lights in the sky heralding the coming of unearthly beings seemed like an answer to prayer. When the heavenly visitors entered selected people and transformed them into angels who demanded obedience in exchange for the restoration of order, the majority accepted their new rulers.

But Ben Garrison and his siblings, Jack and Trudy, have seen a dark side to these so-called angels. They join a rebel faction with one goal: destroy the invaders and free the world from their tyranny.

When the rebels catch wind of an angel plot to invade the resistance region and spread a deadly contagion, the Garrisons embark on a crucial mission to swap the angel troops’ vaccine with a fake injection, stealing the real vaccine to save the rebels. The catch: Ben and Trudy, in disguise as doctors, must volunteer to become implanted by angels and fake their implantation.

The rebels’ plan, however, is soon exposed, jeopardizing the mission and their lives. Their only hope for rescue lies in an odd bounty hunter, a young angel priestess, and a mysterious spy embedded among the angels—a woman whose identity the rebels have yet to discover.

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  1. I've read this and loved it. Thanks for the strong review!


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