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Castle on the Rise ~ Review

Castle on the Rise
A Lost Castle Novel #2
By Kristy Cambron

First off I haven't read one of Kristy Cambron's books and been anything but delighted in her works. Castle on the Rise is no exception as it masterfully weaves a story that spans centuries in the telling. A story of rebellion, of hope, of love and all, shrouded in mystery.

Those who read The Lost Castle will be delighted to know that Ellie and Quinn are about to get married in the castle that Ellie inherited. Ellie's best friend Laine Forrester has made the trip from the US to France for the wedding along with her young daughter Cassie. Laine is happy to be there for Ellie but the happily-ever-after that she had envisioned has slipped away and now Ellie's too seems threatened.

When Quinn's brother Cormac comes seeking help the reader is taken from France to Ireland and a mystery surrounding Castle Chryn. For some unknown reason, the castle has been left to the care of the Foley family. The storied castle has been kept from the prying eyes of the public. Laine's family's past dealing with antiques is just what Cormac needs as he works his way through the castle and its hidden away treasures - but the greatest treasure may be hidden away where no one will ever find it. A treasure linked to Ireland's tumultuous past.

Like the previous Lost Castle book, this one is told from three distinct perspectives - Maeve Ashford's in 1797/1798, Lady Isolde (Issy) Byrne's in 1915/1916, and Laine's in the present day. Castle Chryn is the binding element throughout. Maeve is trying to fill in for her father and brother as master following the tragic loss of both her mother and brother. With threats of rebellion and dissent between the English and the Irish, the Catholics and the Protestants she is sitting in the midsts of a powder keg ready to take any and all with it. But a chance encounter leaves Maeve with a choice one that will decide not only her future, but that of her family, her tenants, and even her country. Issy's world is being torn apart by dreams of Irish freedom and a world at war. She longs to be part of what could very well be Ireland's last chance to break with England and her harsh rule. But all movements come with a cost and this one could cost Issy her freedom, her life, and even those she holds most dear. 

I love the progressive revealing of each period to its climax. The gradual progression of each thread comes together in a satisfying conclusion. Each chapter is clearly identified as to which thread it belongs to so the reader doesn't have to wonder. One can easily follow each story and empathize with the characters as they attempt to live their lives in the midst of war, the rumor of war and the ensuing turmoil. The trials that each faces rather than beating them down strengthens their resolve.

Kristy Cambron newest work is one I would highly recommend to fans of both historical and contemporary fiction. The characters are multi-dimensional that are relatable on a personal level. Those who enjoy anything Irish will want this one as this is most definitely well flavored with the history of the land. Can anyone say book club selection? I can most definitely recommend this one as a potential choice.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations but that I offer my honest opinion - all thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

A storied castle. 
A band of rebels.
A nation chasing a centuries-old dream of freedom.
And three women who rise above it all . . .

When Laine Forrester travels overseas to attend her best friend’s vineyard wedding, she expects to find the bride on the brink of a fairy-tale life. But after a series of unforeseen setbacks, it seems the storybook lives they’d imagined are suddenly ripping apart.
With hopes of resurrecting a happy ending, Laine agrees to accompany the newlyweds to the groom’s home in Ireland—never expecting she’d be the one drawn in by its wide-open moors, backroads bordering the Irish Sea, and a mysterious castle that dares to keep its secrets hidden.
From the storied streets of Dublin to the shores of the Emerald Isle, Laine is drawn in to the land and its rich history. The castle ruins whisper stories of Issy—a photojournalist battling through the 1916 Easter Rising, and Maeve—the castle’s lady of legend, fighting for survival through the 1798 rebellion that started it all.
Spanning more than two centuries, Castle on the Rise unites the legacy of three women who must risk mending the broken places within for life, love, and the belief that even through the depths of our pain, a masterpiece of a story can emerge.

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