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Retrieval ~ Review

Javin Pierce #4
By Ethan Jones

Someone is out to stop Javin and the price on his head is pure hate getting satisfaction - the fury of a woman scorned has nothing on an ISIS jihadist out to bring him down! Javin and Claudia are on a mission that will allow them to return to CIS after their previous mission in Geneva went wrong.

But finding the intel they need goes wrong when their possible source goes missing from the refugee camp and their safe house is attacked. When the local officials start the clock ticking on when they have to be out of the country any source of information becomes an option.

Seeking aid from the few people that they can trust Javin and Claudia find themselves heading back to the very country that brought them to their current situation. Geneva neutral in name but profiting from the various sources using them to hide their ill-gotten gains.

This is a high action movie for those who would rather read than see it their action. Ethan Jones manages to keep his books fresh and not repetitive so one never feels as "I've read this before." Not happening here. And you'll be kept in suspense from the first line until you finish and then there is the anticipation of what can possibly happen next. Don't miss out on this latest thrilling mission that only a corrector can find themselves in.

About the Book:

Can a lethal assassin have a soft side?

After a botched operation in Geneva, Javin Pierce and his partner are offered the chance to return to the CIS if they eliminate two senior ISIS leaders hiding in Iraq. Dispatched to the lawless lands, Javin and Claudia start to gather intel, and soon find themselves immersed in a sinister corruption scheme that reaches top-level Iraqi officials. Javin isn’t about to walk away.
Now, being hunted down by ruthless ISIS fighters, the team fights to survive and navigate crooked, ever-shifting allegiances. As Javin and Claudia forge bonds with unlikely local allies from a refugee camp, Javin gets more than he bargained for. The evidence leads to Europe and an elaborate retrieval that, if successful, will tear down the entire corruption scheme and bring desperate relief to the camp workers.
Javin now realizes his ticket back into the agency might be his most dangerous but satisfying mission yet. How will Javin clean up the targets, get back into the agency, and execute the seemingly impossible retrieval, all without leaving a trace?

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