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Formula of Deception

Formula of Deception
by Carrie Stuart Parks

She was looking for the truth while hiding from the threat that had been following her. Has she brought danger with her or is it just a coincidence that people around her are being murdered?

Murphy Andersen needs to discover the truth before she is the next victim...

Just the Facts:
April 1946: Secret lab destroyed by an earthquake and a tsunami on the island of Ruuwaq.

Present day: Potential cold case murders on Ruuwaq revealed.
                     Murphy Andersen hiding in Kodiak.

                   The Cast:
                     Murphy Andersen: is on a mission to Kodiak Island, Alaska, implies that she's worked
                                        as a forensic artist previously in the South.
                     Vasily Scherbakor: dying of cancer reveals a potential 10-year-old crime on Ruuwaq.
                     Dallas Andersen: the missing, presumed dead twin sister of Murphy.
                     Elin Olsson: detective with Kodiak Police Department.
                     Father Ivanov: Russian Orthodox priest runs Christ's Table for the homeless.
                     Joshua Ward: officer with the Kodiak Police Department, widowed with 4 boys.
                     Bertie Fisher: from the Alaskan State Crime Lab sent to look for evidence from the   
                                         "Cold Case". She knows Murphy's secret.
                     Myra Hampton: landlady of Murphy's basement room below her trailer.
                     Mr. Brinkley: Murphy's stray yellow cat.
                     Richard Zinkerton: technician sent by the Alaskan Bureau of Investigation to handle a
                                           double homicide, a  total jerk with attitude to spare.
                     Jack Swayne: Alaska Wildlife Trooper who flies Bertie and Murphy to Ruuwayq.
                     Denali Stewart: owner of Salmon Run Lodge offers Murphy temporary housing and a                                                 job. Proud of his family name, late 60's wheelchair-bound.
                     Quinn: Denali's black lab.
                     Lucas Taylor: Denali's 12-year-old grandson whose parents died years ago in a tragic
                     Ryan Wallace: journalist writing a piece about the history of Salmon Run Lodge.
                     Butch Patterson: pilot Bertie tells Murphy to use to go back to Ruuwaq.
                     Olga: runs Salmon Lodge Run's kitchen and manages the staff.
                     Vesper Amason: Murphy helped her after her daughter was in an accident. Calls
                                           Murphy a "soul searcher". Offers assistance if ever Murphy should need it.
                     Clinton Hunter: Anchorage serial killer who is suspected of killing Murphy's sister.

Formula of Deception
By Carrie Stuart Parks

Murphy Anderson has a secret - she's not who she says she is. Yes, she is Murphy Anderson sort of but she has distanced herself from the woman she used to be. Ever since her sister was murdered - there may not have been a body but Murphy knew. With the special bond that they shared as twins she just knew. And she was in Kodiak on a mission to find her sister and hopefully find peace herself.

But when Murphy's purse and all her identification and funds are stolen she reluctantly uses her art skills to help the local PD. Ten years ago a hunter - Vasily Scherbakov went to Ruuwaq Island but what he found was not the game he sought instead, he stumbled upon the remains of five men. For tens years he has kept this terrible secret but now on his deathbed, he wishes to unburden his soul and unfortunately for Murphy, she's the person that the Kodiak PD is tasking with creating a sketch of the scene and the victims.

Shortly after this first interview, anyone related to this cold case seems to be a target for someone who is determined to keep the past firmly and completely in the past. And when it appears that her sister's killer has found her Murphy finds herself wondering whom she can trust...

Formula of Deception is an intense page turning all night read! Seriously one truly is left wondering for the vast majority of this book who would be left standing at the end. And as to the murderer - well you have to read the book to wrap your mind around this twisted web of lies and betrayals. Maybe wait a year or two to visit Kodiak if, by chance that is on your list of things to do, I think they may need to do a wee bit of rebuilding.

If you are looking for a good mix of action, suspense, and whodunit that appears to be a standalone book pick up this book and dive in! Yes, there are several murders but it is not a horrendously gruesome book - I made that mistake once and have since been picker about what I read.

I was provided a complimentary review copy of this book by the publisher through their BookLook blogger program with no expectations other than that I offer my honest review - all opinions offered are my own.                   

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About the Book:

An artist hiding from an escaped killer uncovers one of World War II’s most dangerous secrets—a secret that desperate men will do anything to keep hidden.
After the murder of her twin sister, Murphy Anderson changed her name and appearance and moved to Kodiak, Alaska, to avoid the press and publicity. But when local authorities discover she’s an artist and request her help in drawing a dying man’s memories, she unintentionally ends up in the limelight again—and back in the killer’s crosshairs.
The deathbed confessions of an Alaskan hunter have Murphy drawing the five bodies he discovered on remote Ruuwaq Island ten years ago. But what investigators find has them mystified. Evidence suggests that the bodies were deliberately destroyed, and what they uncover in an abandoned Quonset hut from World War II only brings more questions.
As one by one the investigators who were at the hut die, Murphy knows there is something much darker at stake. What happened on this island during the war? And who is willing to kill to keep its secrets buried?

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