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Madeline's Search ~ Review

My Heart Belongs in Galveston, Texas
Madeline's Search
By Kathleen Y'Barbo

Madeline Latour has taken employment with an older lady - Mrs. Smith, working as her assistant while at the same time working as an investigative reporter for the Picayune out of New Orleans. Mrs. Smith has decided that the time has come to find her long-lost granddaughter and to that end she has hired a Pinkerton agent to help her with this search. To Madeline's delight, she will be accompanying Mrs. Smith to Galveston in her search. Not so great Mrs. Smith expects Madeline to work with the Pinkerton agent who turns out to be none other than Jonah Cahill the man Madeline expected to marry before she put her career ahead of her heart.

Mrs. Smith is convinced that her granddaughter is in Galveston though Jonah and Madeline find no evidence to support this. And worse someone seems determined to stop their investigation. Why anyone would be determined to keep the whereabouts of a young woman a mystery is creating questions of its own.

Meanwhile, Jonah is dealing with a situation of his own that has his mother and sister in potential harm. Legends and rumors of a long ago hidden pirate treasure have once again targeted his family's home. And knowing what he does about Madeline he wouldn't put such activity beyond her if she thought she'd get a story out of it.

As Madeline and Jonah team up on this case, they work through the issues that stand between them, but neither is quite willing to risk their heart again. But will their hearts agree to such a plan?

This is an enjoyable book set in 1880 Galveston, Texas, with a couple of mysteries at play within its pages. This isn't a nail-biting mystery but rather a search for family and identity. The conclusion has a few surprises but there are a few clues that allow the reader to have a small inkling of a few possible outcomes. This overall is a Historical Romance fiction that those looking for clean reading will enjoy. This is a perfect weekend read and another great addition to the My Heart Belongs In series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

About the Book:
Journey now to Galveston, Texas, of 1880...
Where is Mrs. Smith’s granddaughter?  

Who is the mysterious Mrs. Smith?
Pinkerton agent Jonah Cahill is hired by the mysterious widow to find her lost granddaughter, rumored to be living in Galveston, Texas. Though Jonah prefers to travel alone, Mrs. Smith insists that she and her companion accompany him. Madeline Latour, investigative reporter, has been acting as Mrs. Smith’s assistant for several months, and Madeline will not allow anyone—even a Pinkerton agent—to ruin the story of a lifetime. The pair forges an uneasy truce as the investigation grows dangerous.

Is there a bigger story beyond a missing girl to be revealed?

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